IP Commercialization Company

BankonIP is a IP Commercialization Company, comprised of a talented group of visionaries with a successful track record of building wealth through proper utilization and commercialization of multiple Intellectual Property Portfolios.

Do you have the next patent, or patents that will become the “brick and mortar” of the future?

Today, BankonIP is actually considered a “Wealth Management Firm” for many inventors. With over two decades of successfully brokering dozens of patents, our team specializes in navigating the most efficient and profitable means of commercialization.

NO Commercialization = NO - $

How can you be a part of this growing market trend?

We are seeking individuals and companies with a forward thinking approach to business, and understand the importance of how Intellectual Property is ultimately the backbone of every successful organization.

We’re driven by innovation, and have the desire to help our business partners in making the world a better place. Once selected as part of our portfolio, your family of IP will be managed by Experts, who have the knowledge, resources, and contacts to help you reach your goals. If given the opportunity, you will be partnering with a group, who’s actually realized success of creating assets out of IP - “we’ve been there and done that”!

  • The BankonIP way!
  • Inventor / Patent Holder
  • Products and Technologies that are unique, have broad appeal or meets a much needed niche solution
  • Investor
  • IP Scouts
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • IP Attorneys
  • Organizations

Our team only considers partners that specialize in assisting and/or partnering with inventors.


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Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Jan 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

Jan 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

World Of Concrete (WOC) Show
Jan 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

NAHB – International Builders Show (IBS)
Feb 2024 - Las Vegas, NV

KBIS – Kitchen & Bath International Show (KBIS)
Feb 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

International Hardware Show
Feb 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

Medical & Design Manufacturing (MDM) West
Feb 2024 – Anaheim, CA


West Pack
Feb 2024 – Anaheim, CA

Design & Manufacturing
Feb 2024 – Anaheim, CA

Automation Technology Expo (ATX)
Feb 2024 – Anaheim, CA

Feb 2024 – Anaheim, CA

MAGIC (Fashion Industry) Show
Feb 2024 – Las Vegas, NV

World AG Expo
Feb 2024 – Tulare, CA

The Inspired Home Show (Home and Housewares Show)
Mar 2024 - Chicago, IL