Fridge Fixer®



The Fridge Fixer® is a latching system for residential refrigerators with multiple doors. The latching device comes in many designs to fit a large variety of refrigerators, can be used for transporting or storing a refrigerator, and is especially useful for refrigerators that are placed in RVs, campers, and boats.

The latch keeps the doors closed while the vehicle is moving, securing the items inside and not allowing them to be ejected. This eliminates wasted food and supplies, but also protects other items stored in a refrigerator, such as medical supplies. The Fridge Fixer® is a versatile product that can be used in a home, RV, food truck, or camper.




Special features

  • One-handed operation
    • Can engage or disengage Fridge Fixer with a single hand in a few seconds.
    • To remove the Door Block, simply insert a finger into the finger hole

(which releases the mechanical latch)

  • Mechanical latch keeps Door Block from vibrating out of platform.
    • Latch features magnetic spring so there is no metal spring to wear out.
  • Door Block will store magnetically on refrigerator doors when not in use (for doors containing ferrous metals)
  • There is an adhesively mounted storage platform (the “Landing Pad”) available that will adhere to most any surface and will store the Door Block magnetically when not in use.
  • Fridge Fixer can also be used to prop refrigerator doors open during unpowered storage.
    • Prevents mold and mildew from forming.
  • No Drilling into refrigerator to mount device
    • Drilling into fridge can hit plumbing and wiring – destroying refrigerator
    • Fridge Fixers mount by attaching to existing hardware, or with extraordinarily strong industrial mounting tape.
  • Most designs feature an adjustable-width frame allowing for an exact fit on a variety of refrigerator models.
    • Frame also collapses for smaller warehouse space requirements and less damage during shipping.
    • Mounting Frame reverses to accommodate countersunk and Pan-Head Hardware.



The Fridge Fixer® is a refrigerator latching system used to secure the doors of a refrigerator in closed or open positions. It includes at least one anchor bar, a latching bracket, a door block and attaches to a refrigerator that includes a frame, at least one refrigerator door and a freezer door.

The anchor bar is mounted to the frame in between the refrigerator door and the freezer door. The latching bracket is connected adjacent to the frame and is attached to a door block to secure the refrigerator door and the freezer door. The door block can be used to press the refrigerator door and the freezer door against the frame, keeping the refrigerator closed.

Alternatively, the door block can be positioned in between the frame and both the refrigerator door and the freezer door to keep the refrigerator open. The magnetized door block may be stored on the refrigerator door for easy access. A “Landing Pad”, it is used to magnetically store the Door Block on non-ferrous surfaces.

Refrigerators presently on the market have many different designs.  Doors without handles, and designswith 4-6 doors and drawers make other latching techniques difficult if not impossible to use.  The Fridge Fixer designs are adaptable to these new refrigerator styles, and allow them to be easily and discreetly secured.

Although this device was designed as an RV accessory, many people will find it handy when needing to replace, move or store residential refrigerators. There are additional models and styles that will accommodate most residential refrigerators. Please see other products, models and designs at

Materials needed to produce the Fridge Fixer®:

  • Anchor Bar
    • One or Two
    • Adjustable width  
  • Locking bracket
  • Door block




The  Fridge Fixer® is covered by United States Utility Patent: #10,018,405







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