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As automotive design trends begin to evolve, certain key elements seem to be left out for the sake of design. In recent years, more new vehicles are designed without any spare tires included in the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Currently the estimated percentage is around 30% having no spare tire. This can cause a lot of headaches when a tire gets damaged since it often requires the car to automatically be towed instead of being able to attach a spare tire to drive it to an auto repair shop. This can especially be an issue when traveling long distances or in rural areas where it may take a long time to get a tow truck.

The Dale Spare Tire Carrier™ is a device that spare tires that can be attached to the exterior of a myriad of vehicles. One of the key features of this spare tire Carrier is the ease of being able to attach and remove the spare tire along with the device itself. It has the option to easily lower the device into four different positions from its standard upright position. It can also carry a regular sized tire including the damaged tire once the spare tire is removed. The Dale Spare Tire Carrier™ is the perfect solution for many vehicle owners that need a spare tire to pair with their vehicle without the hassle of putting it unsecured in the vehicle.





Special features

  • Ability to easily add and store a spare or regular sized tire to a vehicle
  • Ease of access and removal of spare tire with just one nut and a chain
  • Option to hold damaged tire after installing spare tire
  • Simple installation and removal of Carrier from vehicle
  • Designed to still access vehicle with Carrier attached
  • Four positions to lower tire for access to vehicle
  • Has a “seat” to place the tire when attaching to Carrier
  • Changing positions of spare tire is easy for a variety of strengths and dexterities
  • Designed to hold a full tire versus a regular spare tire allowing for longer traveling
  • Stored on the exterior of the vehicle keeping the space inside the vehicle free for use
  • Designed to have Carrier with tail gate or pickup gate open with merchandise protruding from vehicle
  • Table can be attached to the lowered Carrier for table stability and security from wind or personal action nearby
  • Designed for use on any automobile, pickup, or utility vehicle which has a 2 inch trailer hitch
  • High quality steel Carrier components
  • Simple manufacturing process
  • Cost efficient design




The Dale Spare Tire Carrier™ is a device that can attach to the exterior a variety of vehicles and hold a spare or regular sized tire. The spare tire Carrier contains a base tube with two side plates attached to it. There is a pin between both side plates, and a support tube is configured to pivot around this pin. A tire seat support bracket is attached to this support tube. An adjustable retainer bolt bracket is attached to the support tube above the support seat bracket. This product is simple and easy for users of a variety of backgrounds to install and uninstall with the insert and removal of one 5/8 inch pin.

The spare tire can be removed with just one nut and chain, hence requiring minimal effort and dexterity from its user. It has a “seat” to place the tire to allowing for easy mounting and dismounting of the tire on the device.  Since the product is designed to hold many sized tires, the damaged spare tire can also be attached to the Carrier and thereby not require space in the vehicle.

The Dale Spare Tire Carrier™ was designed to have the ease of moving the spare tire to the first lower position along with the relative ease to raise the tire back into the upright position. This was designed to be light weight for any driver to use. The product provides the ability to move the spare tire to four lower positions by the removal and relocation of one 5/8 inch pins in the side plates. This is what allows users to access the vehicle even when the device is attached.

The first lowered position with a prior installed 5/8 pin can lower the product to open the tail gate. This position can easily be raised to the upright travel position with the 5/8 pin reinstalled in the travel position. The first and second lowered positions with the installation of a 5/8 inch pin though the support tube will allow the traveling with the Carrier in that position and the ability to carry merchandise in the vehicle with the open tail gate or pickup lowered box gate.

The second lowered position is accomplished by the removal of the one retaining 5/8 inch pin holding the Dale Spare Tire Carrier™ in the vertical position and placing the same pin in the first loser hole on the side plates and also through the hole on the lowered upright square tube. This position will allow the vehicle to travel with the vehicle with merchandise or furniture in the vehicle with the tail gate open. This position is recommended for only short distances of travel. The third and fourth lowering positions can be used to lower the product to more horizontal positions. Lowering the tire carrier to the third or fourth position is not to be used for merchandise carrying but for other utility reasons. In the fourth position a picnic table or bench could be strapped to the lowered tire for security against wind or use stability. These positions are where a table can be attached for table stability and security.




Materials needed to produce the Dale Spare Tire Carrier™

  • One 36 inch 2 inch square tube
  • One 16 inch 2 inch square tube
  • Two 6 inch by 9 inch steel “side plates”)
  • One 1 ½ inch by 8 inch bar (spare tire retaining bar)
  • One 3 inch by ¼ inch bolt
  • Two 3 inch by 3/8th inch bolts
  • Two 3 inch by ½ inch bolts
  • Three 5/8 inch pins with retaining clips
  • One 44 inch link chain
  • One 12 inch wide steel bar with 6 inch arms (for the“tire seat” on Carrier)
  • One 1 ½ inch by 8 inch steel plate and one ½ inchby 8 inch pre-installed bolt with nut and washers pre-installed on the spare tire holding bracket





The Dale Spare Tire Carrier™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,974,777






























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