The Versatile Expanding Hand Cart™




Hand trucks, dollies, or load carts are devices with varying designs configured to carry loads from one point to another, and have long been used in a wide variety of settings.

With some designs, the hand truck may be positioned in an upright manner in order to place a load on a frame or platform; the user may then tilt the hand truck at an angle and push or pull the hand truck to move the load to a desired location. With other designs, a user may place a load on a lateral or planar frame parallel to the ground in order to simply push or pull the hand truck to the desired destination without requiring the user to tilt the device.

A common problem users face with current products is the variability of loads they may encounter during a particular job or task that requires the use of a device such as a hand truck. For example, if moving loads in a warehouse setting, one particular load may be of one size while other loads may be of larger or smaller sizes. Sometimes loads are heavier and require a higher load-bearing support despite the load taking up a relatively small volume, while other times a load may be particularly bulky and thus require a wider or larger support.

Accordingly, there is an unanticipated need for a load-bearing assembly for moving heavy or bulky loads that includes a frame or chassis with expandable supports. These supports should adjust to different lengths for accommodating different sized loads, and the product should be lightweight, inexpensive, and easily adjustable.

The Versatile Expanding Handcart is a load-bearing assembly for moving heavy or bulky loads. It includes a frame with expandable supports that adjust to different lengths to accommodate various load sizes. The Versatile Expanding Hand Cart has a unique H-shaped framed that is formed by two T-shaped frames. This frame shape provides a novel versatility and maneuverability that conventional carts and hand trucks do not have. It also has a handle for easy pulling during transport.

The most unique feature of The Versatile Expanding Handcart is that it can expand to accommodate various load sizes, something that current products cannot do.



Special features

  • Only product with expandable frame to allow for various load sizes
  • Unique H-shaped frame
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily adjustable
  • Can carry light and heavy loads
  • Wheels for easy transport



The Versatile Expanding Hand Cart is comprised of two metal T-shaped frames that are designed to slide in and out of each other, creating an H-shape, which allows the cart to expand to accommodate larger, bulkier loads. The unique H-shaped frame is designed for better versatility and maneuverability. The frame also has multiple wheels to allow users to roll the cart and easily transport the load from one place to another.

The metal hand is attached to the frame and allows the user to pull the cart with ease, which makes the transport of heavy loads quicker and less strenuous.

Materials needed to produce The Versatile Expanding Hand Cart™:

  • Attachment Rings
  • Dolly Wheels
  • Metal Frame
  • Metal Handle
  • Hardware Fittings and Welding






The Versatile Expanding Hand Cart is covered by United States Utility Patents: 10,543,862 and 11,097,757







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