Forget it Not™


The Forget it Not™ is a personal alarm system that will remind users of items they may have forgotten to grab before leaving the house. Keys, a laptop, glasses, purse, and other necessary items are sometimes not in a visible location and can be forgotten, especially when the user is in a hurry. Tags that correspond with the receivers can be affixed to any item (cell phone, keys, laptop, etc.), and any forgotten can be easily remembered. This technology could also be used for car seats. The RF sensors will be activated by Bluetooth technology when the user gets farther than the pre-set distance, and will alert the person by vibration, blinking light or an audible sound. Forgotten items can quickly be retrieved and the person can resume his/her journey.



Special features

  • Wearable product
  • Can be produced as a wrist band or necklace
  • Can be used by men, women and children
  • RF tags attach to any item (including car seats)
  • Tags are activated when wearer gets too far away
  • Receiver emits a signal to wearer
  • Signal can be vibration, blinking light or audible sound
  • Distances can be customized
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Eliminates return trips for forgotten items
  • Helps users remember to grab cell phone, keys, etc.
  • Great for busy mothers, the elderly or students
  • Great for business trips and family vacations
  • Helpful in emergencies
  • Simple design
  • Provides peace of mind




The Forget it Not™ is a new way to remember forgotten items when leaving. Important items, such as keys, a laptop, eyeglasses and a cell phone, can be tagged with an RF transmitter to send a signal when the owner is a set distance away. A receiver, built into a wearable item, emits an alarm to the wearer. This alarm can be a vibration, a blinking light or an audible sound. The wearer becomes aware that an item has been forgotten and can retrieve it.

The Forget it Not™ system uses Bluetooth technology, and is programmable for different distances. This enables the system to be customized for each wearer. Multiple Forget it Not™ systems can be used, so parents, grandparents and children can remember all of the important items needed when going out. This will be especially useful for family vacations, where many items are often left in hotel rooms, or for business trips and busy airports.

This technology can also be used as a back-seat alarm for children who are left behind in a car seat. A tag can be affixed to the car seat, and when the driver gets out of the vehicle, the Forget it Not™ will send an alert when he/she gets too far away. The child is not forgotten and the possibly serious consequences can be averted. Many busy parents will appreciate the peace of mind by knowing their child will be safe.

The Forget it Not™ alarm system can be incorporated into a wrist band (or necklace) for aesthetic appearance, and men, women and children will benefit from having a personal alarm system.

Mat erials needed to produce the Forget it Not™:

  • Jewelry item
    • Wrist band
    • Necklace
    • Built-in receivers
  • Tags
    • Attachable
    • RF transmitter
  • Bluetooth technology
    • Programmable for distance


The Forget it Not™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,886,837














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