Automatic Fire Extinguisher™





While automatic fire extinguishers are not new, the concept has only been administered in large-scale buildings that aren’t supervised. They typically require a whole system that will trigger when a sensor alerts to a high temperature.

But homeowners should have the same sense of security if a fire breaks out in their home while they are sleeping or away. The Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ is an excellent solution for any home.

Elderly homeowners may not be able to reach a manual fire extinguisher, and young teenagers may not know how to use one properly. An Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ can help prevent fires from spreading and allow anyone in the home to find safety.






Special features

  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Automatic
  • Self-Contained




The Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ is a temperature-sensitive device. When the temperature of the Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ reaches a predefined degree, the fire retardant is dispensed.

 When the predetermined temperature is attained, the Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ releases a fire retardant into the atmosphere in the form of compressed gas. The Automatic Fire Extinguisher™, in a further embodiment of the disclosure, releases fire retardant and water into the sky. There is only one moving part and no mechanical links in the Automatic Fire Extinguisher™.

 The embodiment has two moving parts and no mechanical links. A compressed retardant gas, a high-pressure gas tank, a release valve, a nozzle, a whistle, and a housing form the automated fire extinguisher. It includes the components of the previous embodiment as well as a chamber, a plug, water, and a check valve.

Materials needed to produce the Automatic Fire Extinguisher™:

  • Outer Cover
  • Compressed retardant gas
  • High-pressure Gas Tank
  • Multiple Valves
  • Nozzle
  • Whistle
  • Assembly and connector parts




The Automatic Fire Extinguisher™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,814,152


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