The Market


The Market is an Internet-connected swingometer sculpture. A kinetic display has a base, and an elongated member pivotally attached to the base in the manner of a seesaw. A processor communicates with a data source such as the internet, obtains current values of dynamically changing data (such as the current value of a stock market index), and pivots the elongated member in response to changes in the data. Figurines which symbolize the monitored data, such as a bull and a bear (representing rising and falling stock market values), are respectively provided at opposing ends of the member. By observing the inclination of the elongated member, and/or the relative positions of the figurines thereon, a user can determine the current status of monitored data.

The Market has been market proven. The initial Series A run sold out and garnered rave reviews from the press and customers:


The Market Series A kinetic sculpture would be a jaw-dropping adornment to any big financial honcho’s desk, as well as a novel way of reminding him or her how the markets are faring.
Financial Times How To Spend It

…a stunning object that deserves to have pride of place on your desktop or mantelpiece.
Digital Trends

…the piece is an elegant answer to the question: “What if the objects that beautify our space could also communicate what’s going on in the world.
Men’s Book Chicago


In addition, The Market was featured on Investor Junkie’s Top Holiday Gift list for 2019, as well as The Week and Materialist Magazine.

Suffice it to say, this is a popular product with proven market appetite..


Special features

The Market by August & Wonder is a swingometer sculpture featuring a bull on one side and a bear on the other. It is connected to the Internet and will show the current market value for 11 different market indices and five cryptocurrencies. The user can choose which market they want to see and change it at any time. It has a claimed accuracy of 0.1 per cent. An elegant phone app exists to set The Market easily. Series A was limited run and was very successful, selling out within the first year. Some of the unique features of The Market include:


  • Innovative Technology
  • Visual representation of market indices
  • Unique Design
  • Visual representation of cryptocurrency
  • See-saw apparatus
  • Decorative
  • Apps already built for iOS and Android
  • Designed in America

A display case is available to purchase separately. The case will keep The Market clean and dust-free. These features are what make The Market a one-of-a-kind product.


The Market is a kinetic display including: a. a base having a pivot mount thereon, b. an elongated member: (1) pivotally attached to, and extending outwardly from, the pivot mount, (2) extending outwardly from the base in opposite directions to opposing first and second ends, (3) wherein: i. each end of the member has a figurine attached to the end, and ii. the figurine of the first end differs from the figurine of the second end, c. an electromechanical actuator configured to pivot the member about the pivot mount with respect to the base in response to data received from a source external to the kinetic display.

In simpler terms, this eye-catching kinetic sculpture, featuring a seesaw with a bear at one end and a bull at the other, is an internet-connected swingometer that indicates in physical form which way the market is going. Users can utilize an elegant phone app to set The Market display to one of the 16 available markets.

The App has already been developed and published to the Apple App and Google Play stores and is being used by Series A customers. Currently, the Market can track the following markets and cryptocurrencies:

S&P 500 (SPY)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA)


Russell 2000 (IWM)

Nikkei 400 (JPXN)


Euro STOXX 50 (FEZ)

Dax (DAX)

Shanghai (ASHR)

Hang Sen (EWH)



Bitcoin Cash




Materials needed to produce The Market:

A big part of the allure and enthusiasm for the Market Series A is the fusion of classic old-world materials with Internet of Things technology. The initial Market Series A was built with classic materials.

  • New Guinea Rosewood
  • Zinc
  • Copper plating
  • Brass plating
  • Internet technology







In addition, the necessary internet of things infrastructure and iPhone/Android phone apps have already been built out and can be used for any future production runs.


The Market is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,030,925





For additional information, licensing opportunities, and a full prospectus on the The Market contact:




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