Azeez Nose Cleaner™


The Azeez Nose Cleaner™ is a device for cleaning nasal membranes. This is done by combining fluid dynamics that provide turbulent flow with a gentle mechanical brushing to clean the nasal cavity.


How the Azeez Nose Cleaner™ Works:

The head of the Azeez Nose Cleaner™ is inserted into a nostril. Fluid is pumped from a reservoir stored in the body of the device, onto the membrane. The head rotates to remove debris from the membrane. A vacuum pump suctions the sprayed fluid and the debris into inlets and stores the used fluid in a chamber in the body of the device.

How to Use the Azeez Nose Cleaner™:

  1. Insert fluid cartridge into the fluid container
  2. Insert a disposable collection unit inside the suction chamber
  3. Insert the disposable head into the device
  4. Introduce the covered head into one nostril
  5. Turn on the power so that the pump delivers fluid from the container through the neck to the head and the vacuum pump creates suction at the inlets to the suction chamber
  6. After suctioning is complete (0.5 to 3 minutes) the device is powered down
  7. The head is discarded and a new head fitted
  8. The cleaning is repeated for the other nostril
  9. After both nostrils are cleaned, the device is powered down and the disposable collection unit containing the stored discharge fluid is removed and discarded



Special features

  • Gentle cleaner
  • Portable
  • Provides hydrodynamic flow within the nasal cavity
  • Hand-held
  • Compact
  • Highly efficient
  • Relieves sinus congestion
  • Hygienic
  • User friendly
  • Reduces MRSA colonization and decreases the chance of infection and spread
  • Disposable tip
  • Less time consuming
  • Combines fluid dynamics that provide turbulent flow with a gentle mechanical brushing to clean the nasal cavity



Materials needed to produce the Azeez Nose Cleaner™:

  • Body
    • Injection molded polymers
    • Hinged door
    • Fluid container
    • Aqueous pump
    • Suction chamber
    • Motor
    • Pump
    • Wet vacuum pump
    • Fluid reservoir
    • Neck – extension
      • Rotor
        • Circular ring of gear teeth
        • O-ring
      • Splash Guard
      • Fluid Inlets
    • Head
      • Rotatable
      • Replaceable covers
      • Low-density, open cell foam
      • Textured outer surface
      • Circular or elliptical shaped
      • Fluid ejector outlets
      • Disposable cover
        • Coating
          • Biocide
          • Wetting agent
          • Lubricant
        • Connector
          • Hollow
          • Hard, plastic piece
          • Flat, external sides
      • Suction inlets
        • Screens
      • Control switch
      • Control panel



The Azeez Nose Cleaner™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,884,147












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