Straight Thrust Compressor™



The Straight Thrust Compressor™ is a small, lightweight compressor that uses only one piston for 1 to 2 heads and 2 pistons for 4 heads. The stroke of the piston ranges from ¼” to 1” (possibly more) to variable volume output utilizing the same motor frame, and the piston rod moves perpendicular to the shaft to prevent rocking.

A single piston rod is used for 1or 2 heads, two pistons rods for the 4 heads, and the up-and-down movement allows the seal to remain in contact with the piston sleeve, reducing possible contamination. This type of compressor works better than the conventional models, and is customizable to specific needs.



Special features

  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Produces high volumes gas variable
  • Longer stroke – ¼” to 1” or more
  • Can use 1, 2, or 4 piston heads
  • Single piston rod – 2 for 4-head/2nd eccentric
  • Single eccentric
  • Better seal to reduce contamination
  • Stand alone or use with motor
  • Straight thrust – no rocking
  • Less moving parts
  • Performs better than other piston and carbon vane pumps
  • Customizable
  • Efficient – lower RPM, higher volume, less wear
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Variable diameter heads may be used
  • Balanced eccentric for reduced vibration
  • Thicker piston cup for longer life



The Straight Thrust Compressor™ is a small lightweight compressor that produces a large volume of air. It contains a single piston rod, and one or more piston heads. Since the thrust is a straight movement, a longer stroke is achieved. There is no rocking, as in other compressors that use off-set piston rods. The Teflon seal remains in contact with the piston sleeve to prevent contamination.

One, two or four piston heads, which are the same for all individual pumps, can be moved with one eccentric (two for the four head) and varying lengths of piston sleeves and piston rod, which decreases the cost of manufacturing. No one-piece piston and head assemblies are necessary, providing the option of selecting the stroke size.

Higher volume may be achieved with a smaller unit, eliminating the need to increase the size of the compressor. The smaller, lightweight compressor makes it portable and quieter to operate. It is versatile in its uses and can be customized for a variety of needs.

The Straight Thrust Compressor™ is a simple design and can be produced at a low cost. This cost-effective compressor is a good option for machines that can work efficiently, product large volumes of air, and require little or no maintenance.

Although the Straight Thrust Compressor™ was created for the medical field, it is also applicable in other markets, such as automotive, refrigeration, beverage, motorcycle, tool, and toy industries. The stand-alone, versatile compressor can be used with or without a motor, and creates a better product with better performance at a more economical price.

Materials needed to produce the Straight Thrust Compressor™:

  • Compressor body
    • small
    • lightweight
  • One piston rod
    • 1, 2 piston heads
  • Two piston rods
    • 4 piston heads
  • One to two eccentrics
  • Teflon seal
  • Motor (optional)


The Straight Thrust Compressor™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,215,166















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