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The Fantastic Rack is a countertop drying cabinet for dishware and appliances that are frequently used during the day. Blenders, shaker cups, water glasses and more can be washed and stored in this convenient cabinet until needed again.

The Fantastic Rack comes with 2 horizontally adjustable shelf units which comprise of 4 grid style trays.  The gap created by placing 2 trays together is for placing a drying media such as a couple of paper towels or an optional drying mat for catching water. An optional pole rack is available for holding utensils. The vented back and bottom allow air to circulate for drying dishes and utensils, and is available in a variety of colors to match any kitchen décor.

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  • Enclosed Dish Drying Rack
  • Adjustable racks dry different sized items
  • Keeps items available for re-use
  • Holds water bottles, cups, blenders, blades, and utensils
  • Accommodates a variety of different items
  • Looks great on countertop
  • Similar in size to other common appliances kept on countertop
  • Vented back and bottom for air circulation
  • Drying mats or paper towels absorb water
  • Optional utensil hanger (pole rack) available to use the cabinet as a utensil crock/utensil holder
  • Convenient rack for kitchen use



The Fantastic Rack is an enclosed dish drying rack that holds frequently-used items. The adjustable shelves and racks hold a variety of different-sized items, and the vented back and bottom allow for air circulation. Items are placed inside and kept available for re-use throughout the day.

The adjustable trays hold wet or dry items, and a drying mat or paper towel may be placed between 2 trays to absorb water. The cabinet can hold water bottles, coffee mugs, mixing cups, blender blades, utensils and more. The two levels of drying trays can be adjusted to fit most types of blenders and smoothie makers (Magic Bullet, Ninja, and Nutri-Bullet) along with other utensils and accessories.

The Fantastic Rack is a convenient storage solution for high-usage items used daily, or even several times a day, that can be left on the countertop. The closed doors keep items hidden, and kept more sanitary than being out in the open air, subject to various contaminants. The optional utensil holder (pole rack) keeps cooking utensils organized and available for everyday use.

The Fantastic Rack is an attractive and stylish countertop cabinet that comes in a variety of colors to match most kitchen decor, and will easily fit beside other small appliances that are kept on the counter.

Materials needed to produce the Fantastic Rack:

  • Metal cabinet
    • Vented back and bottom
    • Closing doors
  • Metal trays
    • Slotted
    • Small space on bottom
  • handles and hardware







The Fantastic Rack is covered by United States Utility Patent: #10,709,295





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