The TOLLBRD™ is an overhead line backflow restrictor that prevents liquid spillage on top of the tank. It contains four chambers that prevent liquid from entering into an open valve and supply line, which prevents freezing and blocking of the openings.

The TOLLBRD™ makes it safer for drivers who must climb to the top of the tank for loading, transferring, and checking on the liquid cargo. No spillage on top prevents falls, and no backflow gets trapped and frozen, preventing the blockage of airflow in and out of the tank.



Special features

  • Safety backflow restrictor for tanker trucks
  • Prevents spillage on top of tank if valve is left open
  • Allows airflow in and out of tank
  • Prevents backflow into valve and supply line
  • Prevents liquid from freezing in valve and supply line
  • Reduces slipping risk from wet tank around valve
  • Reduces falling risk while working on top of tank
  • Allows ventilation without spilling liquid from tank
  • Also works for railroad tanks cars and ISO tanks
  • Easy to insert and remove for cleaning/replacing





The TOLLBRD™ is a tanker backflow restrictor that works in conjunction with a swivel valve to prevent spillage on top of the tank. It fits inside the pipe below the swivel valve, preventing backflow into the valve, and is easily removed for cleaning.

The device is made from stainless steel, or other non-corrosive material, has four vented sections, and prevents liquid backflow. This is especially helpful in very cold weather, when liquid could freeze in an open valve or supply line. The TOLLBRD™ also prevents liquid from spilling onto the top of the tank, creating a slick or frozen surface, while still allowing fumes to escape.

The Department of Transportation does not allow tankers to be moved with an open swivel valve, and most manufacturing plants do not allow drivers to climb on top of the tanks. Companies are always trying to find ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls. An air-operated ball valve is one good solution. The switch can be operated from ground level, so drivers never have to climb on top of the tank. The TOLLBRD™ is used in conjunction with the air-operated valve to prevent liquid from entering the valve and supply line. This allows the valve to be operational at all times, making this a safety device that should be installed in all tanks.

The TOLLBRD™ was created as a safety device for tanker trucks, but can also be used for railroad tanker cars and ISO tanks, making this a very versatile product. With over 9 million tanks currently in use, this product could be a very beneficial investment product.

Materials needed to produce the TOLLBRD™:

  • Housing
    • Stainless steel
    • Non-corrosive material
  • Connecting bolt
  • Section plates and spacers
  • Assorted Hardware


The TOLLBRD™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,480,668














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