In a 2022 survey it was found that 94 percent of Americans are pro-barbecue, with nearly one third saying they eat barbecue or barbecue-sauced foods in any given week (QSR magazine).  According to PR Newswire 56% of Americans are passionate about grilling as a hobby.  For most, the grilling atmosphere is their favorite part of the experience.    In the 2022 state of the barbecue industry report by HPBA it was reported that 80 percent of all home owners and 70 percent of all households in the U.S. own at least one grill or smoker.

Why do we love barbecuing so much?  Is it the social atmosphere – who doesn’t love a backyard barbecue – the taste, the increased nutritional value?  It has been shown that grilling meat helps it to retain more nutrients compared to baking or frying.  Plus, you also consume less fat because all the excess drips down thru the grill.  Even veggies benefit more from grilling then from boiling or frying because it helps to preserve key nutrients.  ( 7 Best Reasons You Need a BBQ in Your Life) And there are so many options beyond just meat and veggies; pizza, quesadillas and even cake can be cooked on a BBQ.

Grilling has become a year-round lifestyle choice.  Chilly temps don’t stop many consumers from grilling for the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Beyond the holidays, 49 percent barbecue for birthday parties, 24 percent for camping trips, 21 percent for vacation house parties, and 11% during tailgating activities for sporting events. (

There is a wide range of grilling accessories available; from mats to special heat resistant gloves, cooking utensils (even utensils with built in lights) to special heat resistant grill lights, as well as in-grill rotisseries and cooking stones for pizzas.  We use our grills for nearly any food we like, and we all know it takes both hands to safely work the grill.  So how about an accessory to hold the lid of the grill for us hands free, safely and at the height we want rather than the options most grills limit us to: fully closed or open at a 90 degree angle?

The BBQ LidHolder is the answer.  This innovative accessory allows the griller to choose the height of the lid, easily adjust the height as needed, and lock it in place to optimize cooking temperature, smokiness, and protect the food from the elements.


Special features

  • Easy to use to maintain desired cooking temperature
  • Easy to control amount of smokiness
  • Ability to maintain the lid at any position without interfering with the barbecue and grill cover
  • Mountable on either side of the grill
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi functional – can be used on standard grills, commercial grills, and fire pits
  • May be constructed from thermal resistant plastic or stamped metal and metal alloys




Modern households love to grill and barbeque.  Put simply, barbequing brings people together.  Because of the popularity of grilling, people are continuously attempting to prepare better and more diverse meals on their barbecue grills.  Over time, it has been discovered that certain foods cook differently depending on if the lid is open or closed.  Keeping the lid closed may provide for more smoke which may add more flavor to the food.  A closed lid may also provide a convection effect as heat will circulate in a closed grill rather than dissipating.  Alternately, an open lid may provide completely different effects.  The BBQ LidHolder provides the solution.

The BBQ LidHolder consists of a slide rail with an adjustable fastener attached to the top of the slide rail and a shaped support base with an adjustable fastener attached to the bottom of the rail.  The BBQ LidHolder is then attached to the lid of the grill by a bolt and the base to the grill tray by magnets or a hook and loop type adhesive and uses a hand tightening nut to hold the lid at the desired height.  The BBQ LidHolder can be attached to either side of the grill for the chef’s convenience.



Grillers know that variations in temperature can affect the speed the food cooks, the flavor, tenderness, and amount of smokiness.  The BBQ LidHolder allows the griller to safely keep the lid opened to the optimum height for turning the items being grilled; adding your favorite sauce, adjusting the temperature the food is cooking at, and controlling the level of smoking.  Thus creating the perfect texture and taste.

Most grills today consist of a lid that has two positions: fully closed or open to 90 degrees or more.  With the BBQ LidHolder you choose the level of the lid and lock it in place or adjust as needed.  The BBQ LidHolder removes the need to keep one hand on the lid when handling implements such as forks, tongs, bowls, and plates.  The ability to lock the lid at a less than 90 degree angle allows the griller to monitor and adjust the level of heat the food is cooking at as well as providing protection from the elements.

Our love of barbequing year round has its challenges, but with the BBQ LidHolder no more raining or snowing on the cooking food.  Who hasn’t had to deal with that gust of wind that can push the lid closed at the worst time?

The BBQ LidHolder can be used not only on standard grills, but commercial grills and fire pits.




Materials needed to produce the BBQ LidHolder:

  • Heat resistant slid rail
  • Adjustable fastener – hand tightened nut and bolt assembly
  • Shaped support base
  • Rounded tab
  • Footer
  • Hook and loop fastening system or magnet
  • Screw post and cap
  • Corrugated nut
  • Flat base bolt
  • Heat resistant thermoplastic
  • Metal or metal alloy


The BBQ LidHolder is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,122,932

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