Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™



The Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™ enables a user to replace a standard canister style engine oil filter with a housing that supports a removable and replaceable internal paper filter element. This allows the user to replace only the filter element during an oil change to reduce waste products during engine servicing.



Special features

  • No tools required
  • Non slip
  • The internal filter element is accessible
  • The filter element can be replaced during an oil change instead of replacing the complete canister
  • Reduces waste
  • Facilitates quick access to the filter element
  • Can replace canister oil filters on modern internal combustion engines
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less expensive to replace
  • Can last the lifetime of your vehicle under normal vehicle operating conditions



The Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™ comprises an oil canister housing having a removable attached baseplate, a removable attached lower end seal, a louvered center tube, a removable paper filter element, and a joining fastener that secures the lower end seal to the housing and encloses the filter element. The baseplate includes a seal member, a surface with apertures to accept oil through, and a threaded central post that attaches to the vehicle engine on one side and to the louvered center tube at the opposite side. The center tube allows oil to flow into the filter element, which is positioned over and pressed against the baseplate. The lower end seal is secured to the housing via the joining fastener. The assembly can be broken down to first drain the oil and retrieve and replace the filter element. Overall, the Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™ provides consumers and mechanics with a convenient means of retrofitting a standard canister oil filter with one that produces less waste products during an oil change procedure.

Materials needed to produce the Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™:

  • Oil canister housing
    • Open ends
    • Hollow interior
    • Interior surface threading
  • Removable Baseplate
    • Upstanding ring
      • Exterior threads
    • Gasket or Seal
    • Upstanding member
      • Interior threads
      • Hexagonal shape
    • Central aperture
    • Oil
    • Inner side
      • Threaded ring
  • Louvered center tube
    • Elongated/Tubular
      • Apertures
      • Open interior
      • Female threaded end
      • Male threaded end
    • Removable filter element
      • Paper filter
      • Corrugated
    • Coil filter spring
    • Removable Lower end seal
      • Rounded surface
      • Ledge
    • Joining fastener



The Bell Oil Filter Conversion Kit™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,932,462














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