Simplified Laboratory Test Tube Handling Device



The Simplified Test Tube Handling Laboratory Device™ is a breakthrough innovation designed to enable simultaneous processing of multiple test tubes securely held in a rack.

Traditional laboratory practices involving test tubes often require individual manual handling of each test tube. Technicians must carefully handle individual tubes, sometimes in large quantities, leading to low productivity. The Simplified Test Tube Handling Laboratory Device™ addresses this challenge by facilitating handling of multiple test tubes simultaneously.


Special features

  • Process multiple test tubes simultaneously
  • Aligns tubes, opens tube caps, holds the caps out of the way of pipettes or other filling/emptying devices, closes and seals caps securely; these are operations currently performed individually and manually with fingers and thumbs
  • Constant pitch between tubes could allow use of mechanized filling equipment
  • Provides storage of batches of test tubes
  • Holds test tube caps open for ease of access
  • Optionally provides magnetic separation of all the samples if required



Product Description

The function of the Simplified Test Tube Handling Laboratory Device™ is to streamline and simplify the process of handling test tubes in laboratory settings. This innovative device is designed to make laboratory workflows more efficient and improve overall productivity.


The device is equipped with mechanisms that allow users to securely pick up and release test tubes. This function ensures that test tubes can be handled with precision, eliminating the risk of dropping or mishandling them. The device is also designed to accommodate two sizes of standard commonly used laboratory tubes. This ensures that researchers can use the device for various experiments without the need for multiple tools.


Materials needed to produce the Simplified Test Tube Handling Laboratory Device™:

Rack Material

  • 1 Base *
  • 1 Latch *
  • 1 Lift bar *
  • 1 Bracket, LH *
  • 1 Bracket, RH *
  • 2 Bushing
  • 2 Ball plungers
  • 2 Pins, 4×16
  • 6 Screws, CSK, M4X12
  • 2 Screws, CSK, M3X6
  • 2 Nuts, M3​​



Magnet Strip and Keeper

  • 1 Keeper housing *
  • 1 Magnet strip *
  • 10 Rectangular magnets
  • 2 Keeper  strips 6” * 3/4 *14 gauge
  • 1 Screw, pan head, M3X20
  • 2 Washers
  • 1 Nut, M3



The Simplified Test Tube Handling Laboratory Device™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,471,433




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