Bellace Secure-Loop Case™



The Bellace Secure-Loop Case™ is a unique phone case with a detachable finger retaining loop. The loop is positioned so that a user can place a finger through it, which in turn provides a secure grip on the case and the phone. The loop also includes a fastener that is positioned within a recess on the interior of the case. The recess allows the fastener to sit flush within the interior of the case, and enables a user to detach the loop for replacement, if desired.




Special features

  • Retaining finger loop built into case
  • Helps eliminate accidental phone drops
  • Provides secure grip
  • Detachable retaining loop
  • Easier one-hand operation of phone
  • No bulging – Fastener sits flush with the recess on the interior of the case
  • Loop able to be detached for replacement, if desired
  • Case is available in a variety of sizes to fit most popular phone brands
  • Loops can be replaced with loops of varying size, color, design, or indicia






Materials needed to produce the Bellace Secure-Loop Case™:

  • Standard phone case
    • Polymer
    • Upper loop aperture
    • Lower loop aperture
  • Retaining loop
    • Fastener
      • Hook and loop
  • Back inner plate
    • Upper loop aperture
    • Lower loop aperture


The  Bellace Secure-Loop Case™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,746,448














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