Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch



The Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch is a multi-pocketed pouch that can be attached to a steering wheel. This pouch holds a driver’s license, insurance card, and other important documents within easy reach.

Law enforcement officers who stop drivers usually ask them to keep their hands visible. The convenient pouch on the steering wheel allows drivers to access the requested information while keeping their hands in sight




Special features

  • Pouch attached to steering wheel
  • Clear front pocket displays driver’s license
  • Holds license, insurance card, and other documents
  • Information can be easily reached
  • Hands stay within view of officer
  • Reduces stress for driver and officer
  • Convenient storage for documents





The Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch is an identification holder that can be attached to the steering wheel of a vehicle. The top section of the pouch contains a transparent window to view a license while the device is closed. The inside of the multi-pocketed pouch contains other information, such as insurance cards, registration, and other important documents that may need to be produced during a traffic stop.

The pouch is mounted on the steering wheel to allow access to prioritized identification and legal information to de-escalate tension during a vehicle stop. The driver’s hands are always in view, and the officer may watch while needed documents are produced.

Every driver will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of documents contained inside the Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch.



Materials needed to produce the Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch:

  • Durable flexible material
    • Denim
    • Leather
    • Plastic or other pliable material
  • Clear plastic
  • Fasteners
    • Hook-and-loop
    • Magnets



The Hands-on-Wheel ID Pouch is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,049,425






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