Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment




Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment combines the botanical extract of a Hamelia patens plant with selected dermatological solvent agents to provide a specific, pain-relieving topical serum for patients who suffer with debilitating peripheral neuropathy.

Applied topically to the skin, this new medical serum relieves pain caused by damaged nerves due to commonly known diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, radiculopathy from herniated discs, post-chemotherapy nerve injuries, leprosy, vitamin deficiencies, traumatic nerve injury, post-radiation peripheral nerve injuries, and many others. This neuropathy pain serum was created and designed by an American trained MD. The product is a result of years of research performed by highly qualified individuals and many institutions: Texas A&M University, Southwestern Medical School, Texas Tech Health Science Center and MD Anderson.



Special features

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Topical serum for pain relief
  • No chemicals
  • No known side effects
  • No parabens
  • No carcinogens
  • Contains organic Hamelia patens botanical specific variety with maximum strength plant extract
  • Relieves peripheral neuropathy pain, allowing natural, comfortable sleep
  • Proven test results



Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment is a topical medication designed specifically for the pain relief of patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. It combines the botanical extract of a rain forest plant’s biotechnology, Hamelia patens, with an existing dermatological emollient ingredient to create a pain-relief serum to apply to the patient’s skin.

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful, and sometimes debilitating, condition that results from damaged small sensory peripheral nerves, which may impair sensation, movement, or other aspects of health, depending on the severity of this condition, which can produce chronic pain patterns, usually in the extremities of the human body. Presently, there is no proven pain-relief method on the market for this type of specific neurogenic pain, either oral or topical.

Berry Pharmaceuticals, LLC has worked extensively for 14 years with the Hamelia patens plant to create the unique extract, SYMBIO-RASE, that can be used for neurogenic pain relief and skin improvement. The Hamelia patens specific variety has been identified by Texas A&M University Grant with Berry Pharmaceuticals, LLC 2011 to 2013. The professors wrote an IP Monograph now belonging exclusively in IP to Berry Pharmaceuticals LLC, describing in detail the greenhouse growing and cultivation protocols for the specific variety of the Hamelia patens rain forest plant which is now grown and cultivated in Berry Pharmaceuticals private, secure and domestic greenhouse in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. All IP is protected through USPTO human use patent, trade secrets, logo, and copy rights protect the complete manufacturing process.

Case Study #1: HNP in back of 70-year old W/M “For more than 10 years, I have suffered with peripheral neuropathy that affects my feet from disc disease in my back. My symptoms are burning and cramping. I began using the prototype Peripheral Neuropathy Topical Serum in March of 2014 and have used it for more than a year. I put it on my feet at night before I go to sleep. It has a cooling and relaxing effect on my feet and helps me go to sleep. I can now usually sleep through the night without symptoms that previously would keep me awake.”

Case Study #2:  Diabetes Mellitus insulin-dependent 75-year old W/M Subject was suffering from pain and numbness in both feet due to peripheral neuropathy secondary to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Pain was so severe, that sleep was denied from chronic pain. Conventional pain medications did not help. A serum containing Hamelia patens extract was applied twice daily and the subject experienced immediate pain and numbness relief in both feet. Subject could then achieve restful sleep. Subject continues to use the serum for relief successfully.

Case Study #3: Chronic Alcoholism-induced Peripheral Neuropathy 50-year old W/M was suffering from pain and numbness in both lower extremities due to peripheral neuropathy induced by chronic alcoholism. Conventional medicines of pain killers and anti-seizure meds did not work. The subject applied the serum containing a Hamelia patens extract to his feet twice daily for two weeks. The subject experienced immediate pain and numbness relief. The subject continues to get good success with daily use of the serum.

Case Study #4: Compression Neuropathy (HNP) 50-year old W/M was suffering from chronic pain and numbness of his left foot after an accident that caused a herniated nucleus pulposus disc injury resulting in peripheral neuropathy of left foot. Conventional medicine of opioids and tri-cyclic anti-depressants did not help. The subject applied the serum containing Hamelia patens extract to his left foot twice daily and experienced good relief of pain and numbness in the left foot. The subject continues to experience good relief of symptoms with topical use of the serum.

Case Study #5: Post Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer 52-year old W/F underwent chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. She later developed pain and numbness of her feet caused by peripheral neuropathy from the chemotherapy. She tried conventional medications for peripheral neuropathy of anti-seizure Lyrica without benefit. She applied the serum containing Hamelia patens extract to her feet and had immediate pain relief. She continues to use the serum with good success.

Case Study #6: Post Traumatic Peripheral Neuropathy 52-year old W/F underwent malignant tumor surgical excision and then subsequently developed pain and numbness of the right foot. Chemotherapy was given for cancer treatment in addition. She tried conventional pain relievers, tri-cyclic anti-depressant Elavil and seizure medication Lyrica without relief. She applied a serum containing Hamelia patens extract with prompt relief. She still continues to use the serum successfully.

Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment is the next product for Berry Pharmaceuticals. The pain-relief component has been tested and proven. Neuropathy patients would welcome this new topical medication in medical armamentarium.

Materials needed to produce the Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment:


  • Hamelia patens botanical extract is produced first by growing and cultivating in a private, domestic, secure greenhouse in America in Rio Grande Valley, Texas
  • 100% of the raw material commodity is owned by Berry Pharmaceutical, LLC Good Agricultural and Cultivating Practice (GACP)
  • Proprietary dried botanical biomass is manufactured from secure, domestic, and private greenhouse growing, cultivation, harvesting and proprietary drying techniques
  • Refined into fine cake flour consistency, standardized, purity shelf life determination
  • GMP formulation into final product: which is a DRUG PRODUCT manufactured according to FDA standards for final product
    • Serum identification
    • Characterized stability, biomarkers chemical fingerprinting
    • Potency
    • Purity


The Neuropathy Pain Serum Treatment  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,987,322














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