The InebUneb™ is a small, portable nebulizer that provides smokers a different alternative to electronic cigarettes. It delivers nicotine to the body, gives the user a sense of smoking, and allows a smoker to enjoy the feeling of smoking while in a non-smoking facility.

The delivery system includes a cigarette-like mouthpiece, an exhale port and a liquid reservoir. The liquid can be tobacco-flavored and can contain the nicotine chemical. Other options are possible for use with medications.




Special features

  • Provides smokers a way to utilize a non-smoking area
  • Offers an improved alternative to electronic cigarettes
  • Offers users a more satisfying experience than electronic cigarettes
  • Gives users a sense of smoking
  • Allows for easier smoking cessation
  • Provides a safer, more effective way to absorb nicotine
  • Base can be modified for multiple users
  • Non-combustible
  • Customizable
  • Top/lid can be interchangeable
  • Convenient




InebUneb™ is a new way to enjoy a smoking experience without using cigarettes. Each unit is composed of a plastic nebulizer (sized small for individual use), a liquid reservoir and a cigarette-shaped mouthpiece. The small, portable nebulizer allows users to obtain nicotine via lungs through tubing that is connected to the liquid storage reservoir and the mouth piece.

As the user sucks on the mouthpiece, the chemical solution is inhaled (similar to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers). The reservoir can contain a liquid nicotine formula and tobacco flavoring to satisfy the smoker’s craving. The InebUneb™ can be used in non-smoking areas, and the multi-unit would provide a more social atmosphere by having two or more users.

For medical purposes, the small, portable nebulizer may be used for administering medications and other substances a patient may need. This can be done safely within a medical facility and would be a convenient solution for ambulatory patients.

This product was invented to help patients stop tobacco and the smoking habit. Quitting smoking is part psychological and focuses on the oral sensation as well as the nicotine addiction. Non-smoking areas do not always allow e-cigs, and this product can circumvent health care facility bans on smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Long-term care patients can satisfy the smoking cravings and still enjoy the experience.



Materials needed to produce the InebUneb™:

  • Nebulizer
    • Plastic
    • Small
    • Portable
  • Tubing
  • Reservoir for liquids
    • Chemicals
    • Medicines
    • Flavorings
  • Mouthpiece
    • Cigarette-shaped
    • Optional shapes
    • Optional top/lid
  • Charger receptacle


The InebUneb™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,867,397
















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