The Crewbots™is an automatic sandwich maker designed to automate the process of preparing sandwiches, including hamburgers. This automated sandwich maker is designed for use in commercial kitchens, including small commercial kitchens, such as fast-food kitchens. The apparatus and method for automatically making sandwiches overcomes the drawbacks and limitations of the prior art. The individual sandwich process can be controlled by a communications interface with a point of sales system. The inventive apparatus and method reduces manpower requirements for restaurants, provides enhanced ingredient control, and improves overall product quality.




Briefly stated, one embodiment of the apparatus is comprised of a controls system, an indexing conveyor system, a scale dispensing system including vibrating hoppers, a bulk sauce metering system, a cartridge metering system, a stainless-steel frame, and a supervisory control system with a display



The scale dispensing system dispenses food materials such as lettuce, onions, and pickles onto a sandwich. The scale dispensing system includes stainless steel vibrating hoppers which are easily removed for cleaning. The scale dispensing system controls the quantity of food ingredients using load cell technology. The bulk sauce metering system dispenses an exact amount of ketchup and mustard on the sandwich. The cartridge metering system dispenses mayonnaise, tartar sauce, or other special sauce on the sandwich.



Advantageously, the features of Crewbots provide for accurate order fulfillment, enhanced food safety, consistent portion control of ingredients, a compact and mobile footprint that allows for numerous installation options, easy maintenance and cleaning, and an overall high level of customer satisfaction.

Crewbots has been presented and demonstrated to McDonald’s and Franke, Inc., but the available market is huge. Crewbots can be presented to many more fast-food restaurants, allowing for major profits.




Special features

Fast food should be just that: fast! Crewbots™, designed and patented by Kevin Bishop and Victor Donisi, is designed to save time and money due to human error, thereby increasing the speed of production and cutting costs on human labor. This machine will put together 585 sandwiches per hour, which will come in handy during the busiest times of the day, aka, rush hour. Crewbots will dispense an exact amount of each and every topping, which will save on waste and should improve customer satisfaction.



Crewbots were designed specifically for McDonald’s, as the size of the machine matches the same dimensions as their breakfast assembly station, but they can be used at any fast-food sandwich or burger place.

Some of the special features of Crewbots™ include:

  • Stainless Steel Frame Construction
  • Dispenses via scale system lettuce, onions, and pickles
  • Bulk dispenses ketchup and mustard
  • Cartridge Dispenser for tartar, mayonnaise, and Big Mac sauce
  • Touchscreen operator interface
  • Recipe storage of products to effectively meter according to customer specifications
  • Integrates with POS system
  • USDA approved components
  • FDA approved washdown conveyor system



Crewbots are built with a lot of parts. The following describes how Crewbots are put together and how it functions:

An automated sandwich making apparatus comprising: a housing having a plurality of stanchions supporting a work station having a length; a conveyor system suspended by the housing, the conveyor system including a translational surface extending substantially the length of the work station; an excess food system positioned under the conveyor system to collect food particles; at least one dispensing system including: a food hopper above the work station and shaped to hold food, at least one portion control container positioned between the hopper and the translational surface to dispense food to the translation surface; at least one bulk sauce metering system supported by the housing and positioned adjacent the at least one dispensing system, the bulk sauce metering system including a sauce flow valve attached to the housing, a sauce transportation path, and a sauce dispensing head; at least one cartridge metering system attached to the housing and including at least one cartridge dispenser, the at least one cartridge dispenser shaped and sized to hold a container of sauce for automatic application of sauce to a sandwich; and a control system operatively attached to the housing and linked to the conveyor system, the at least one dispensing system, the at least one bulk sauce metering system, and the at least one cartridge metering system, the control system including a plurality of sensors with each sensor attached to one of the conveyor system, the at least one dispensing system, the at least one bulk sauce metering system, or the at least one cartridge metering system.

Materials needed to produce Crewbots:

  • Franke, Inc. prep table
  • Conveyor system
  • Control system
  • Control POS software
  • Mustard and other condiments
  • Lettuce, onions, and pickles
  • Condiment dispenser





The Crewbots  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,271,558 and 9,532,575 






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