Simply Hot™


Simply Hot™ is simple to assemble. It is built with manufactured modules and consumer recyclable plastic bottles. The modules are attached from end to end to create a long tube. Plastic bottles are then screwed into the modules and the assembly is connected to the swimming pool with a pair of hoses and a few fittings. A bead of silicone can be used to lock the bottles in place for extended sealing capacity.

When assembled, the water (from a swimming pool, for example) is cycled through an outflow hose going into the pump. This pumps the water through the module system and fills the recyclable bottles individually in a serpentine fashion. The heat from the sun, the super-heated air chamber above the flowing water, and the surrounding air temperature will continuously warm the water as it cycles though the assembly, back to the pool.

Simply Hot™ has been successfully field tested with outstanding results! Using a 10 ft. by 1 ft. volume of pool water with 32 plastic bottles, the pool water temperature increased by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (5.6 degrees Celsius) in a 3-4 hour period on sunny and partly sunny days. On cloudy days, the pool water temperature increased by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.8 degrees Celsius) in a 3-4 hour period.



Simply Hot™ not only applies to swimming pool water, it also applies to water heating from any source for the home. For example, Simply Hot™ could preheat house water by placing the assembly on the roof or ground outside the home and connecting it to the home’s water system.




The base assembly component of Simply Hot™ is this patented module. The module will be made of a black plastic to ensure the maximum heat absorption.


Simply Hot™ System will come with multiple modules to connect through a water-tight mechanism, similar to a garden hose. Simply screw the mouth of one module with the threaded lip of another module and fasten tightly.


Continue connecting the modules together until they have been assembled a long the “spine”. The longer the “spine”, the more time the pool water has to heat up as it flows through the assembly. Screw on recyclable plastic bottles to the module assembly. This can be done using water bottles, juice bottles, milk jugs, etc. Any container with a wide-mouth screw top.


Containing the assembly in a miniature greenhouse increases the heat transfer efficacy immensely. This would be sold as an optional separate product.


Materials needed to produce the Basic Starter Simply Hot™ System:

  • 15     Basic Module
  • 2 Hose adapter to pool pump hose
  • 2     Hose clamps to attach to pool pump hoses
  • 30 Plastic bottles





The Simply Hot™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,885,495














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