Location-Based Messaging System




The Location-Based Messaging System allows mobile devices to receive data messages from a group of businesses and organizations located within a pre-determined geographical area.

The Location-Based Messaging System is an electronic data transmission system that can be utilized by a group that may include, but is not limited to, schools, universities, hospitals, corporations, organizations, institutions, commercial establishments, whereby the system limits the transmission of data based on geographic proximity of the receiving device to the group setting as determined by system administrators and locations of receiving devices.



Special features

  • Messages sent to recipients within a specified geofenced area
  • Schools, businesses, news, emergency services can send alerts and notifications
  • Communication with local residents and businesses
  • Alerts and notifications can be held until recipients are within the geofenced area
  • Groups can be specified (i.e. parents and students of a school)
  • Sub groups can be created
  • Meetings can be scheduled (within a business, town hall, etc.)
  • Roadwork and detour notifications can be sent to traffic within the construction area
  • Very versatile system to be used by a business, community, city, or other entity



The Location-Based Messaging System is a two-component system comprising a group issued application (“app”) and an Application Program Interface (“API”) that the app interfaces with. The system is affected by issuance of a group specific app to group members for installation on their portable electronic devices, such as cell phones. The app enables group administrators and/or group members to send and/or receive whole group, subgroup, or individual group member electronic data transmissions to one another, the receipt of which is only available when the electronic devices are within defined geofenced area(s). Alternatively, the system can be set up so that the electronic data transmissions can be withheld while electronic devices are within defined geofenced areas.


Data transmissions sent via the communications system will be conducted through the API or framework to delay transmission to the receiving electronic device until the device enters or leaves the geofenced location. Manipulation of data can be based on location, time, and/or other requirements or any combination thereof.


This manipulation can include, but is not limited to, deferring, cancelling, withholding, transferring, or receiving the data. The data being manipulated can include, but is not limited to, audio, text, pictures, other content, or any combination or multiplicity thereof. Additionally, this data may be sent through any number of platforms or services. These platforms and services may include, but are not limited to, email, SMS, MMS, voice mail, any other external service, or any combination thereof. Location reliant functionality can be based on, but is not limited to, geolocation, geofencing, other location services, or any combination or multiplicity thereof. This concept of data manipulation can be employed in forms including, but not limited to, a mobile app, a computer application, program extension, or any other piece of software or embedded system on any platform. The purposes for employing the geographic specific communications system include timing of notification, courtesy, privacy and security.


The  Location-Based Messaging System  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,998.871





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