TRACK™ My Glasses



TRACK™ My Glasses is an eyewear tracking transmitter that is built into the frame of eyeglasses, sunglasses, VR goggles, or other eyewear. If glasses are lost or stolen, they may be located through tracking software that communicates with the transmitter to pinpoint an exact location.

A small transmitting chip is embedded into the eyewear frame, nosepiece or earpiece. When the transmitter is activated, it sends a wireless signal to the app, which indicates the location of the eyewear. Eyewear can be located and recovered, saving the owner the hassle of searching or replacing lost or stolen items.




Special features

  • Small location transmitter embedded into frame
  • Notifies a user when preset distance is reached
  • Emits a signal when activated
  • Communicates wirelessly with app
  • Locates lost or stolen items
  • Prevents having to replace items
  • Great for prescription glasses and sunglasses
  • Great for virtual reality goggles
  • Great for all expensive eyewear
  • Allows manufacturer to provide a location service to customers



TRACK™ My Glasses is a tracking system for eyeglasses and other eyewear. It is comprised of a small transmitter that is embedded into an eyewear frame. The transmitter emits a signal that communicates with a software app to locate a missing item. This can be especially helpful for someone who misplaces glasses or sunglasses and needs to find them right away.

The app can be downloaded to a user’s mobile device for easy access. One feature of the app is an automatic notification when an item exceeds a preset distance from the user. This could be used to locate items left behind or stolen items, saving the owner from replacing them.

This technology can be applied to any type of eyewear, such as reading glasses, Smart glasses, sunglasses, VR goggles, safety goggles, diving masks, etc., and will help users keep track of their equipment in any situation.


Materials needed to produce TRACK™ My Glasses:

  • Transceiver
    • Small chip
    • Embedded into eyewear frame
  • Software application
    • Receiving software
    • GPS technology





The TRACK™ My Glasses is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,276,028

















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