Core Power SystemTM



Core Power SystemTM is a wheeled platform that allows focused abdominal training to strengthen the core. The system is built to support a variety of abdominal exercises with the ability to add weight or bands to increase the resistance. Core Power SystemTM also offers a mobile app to learn exercises, set fitness goals, create fitness schedules, and track progress.

Core exercises are key to improving balance and stability with a variety of sports and other activities depending on stable core muscles. Many Americans are making fitness a priority and making the time to get in better shape whether that is fulfilled by going to their local gym or working out in their home gym. A survey from the New York Post conducted in 2020 found consumers spent an average of $95 on fitness over a three month time period which reinforces the emphasis put on making fitness a priority.



Special features

  • Core strengthening tool
  • Easily add resistance
  • A technology component (mobile app)
  • Range of use with diversity of exercises
  • Range of ability from beginner to advanced users
  • Cost efficient
  • Space efficient for shipping and storage
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Ease of use
  • Simple manufacturing process
  • Ability to expand on product and its features




The Core Power SystemTM is a core strengthening product with a compact size and multi-exercise support. It consists of a unique shaped platform with two primary support wheels on either end of the platform and a third wheel at the front of the platform to provide balance. There are two vertical handgrips called Power Grips on the back outer ends of the platform. These two vertical post called the Resistance Rod is in the center of the platform to add additional weight to the system. The Core Power SystemTM comes with a safety-first policy including visible warning labels and proper use stickers in order to ensure the safe use of consumers.

The Core Power SystemTM may be configured to allow the wheels to be positioned in several different orientations including allowing different numbers of wheels to be used during an exercise. These different orientations can include those that enable the platform to tip during an exercise. In such orientations, the user will be required to use greater core strength to maintain the balance of the platform during the performance of the exercise. The positioning of the handles may also be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty of balancing the platform.

The mobile app accompanying the Core Power SystemTM is easy to use and provides a wide range of functionality. Consumers can download the app to their smartphone to view demonstrations of a wide variety of exercises utilizing the Core Power SystemTM. The app also contains the ability for consumers to set fitness goals, create fitness schedules, and track their fitness progress as they complete their workouts.



Materials needed to produce the Core Power SystemTM:

  • Unique shaped platform
  • Two vertical posts for gripping (Power Grips)
  • One vertical post (Resistance Rod)
  • Three wheels
  • Proper use stickers
  • Warning labels
  • Assorted Hardware






To see a video demo please click here: Core Power SystemTM 



The Core Power SystemTM is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,579,538




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