Gloss Getter™


Gloss Getter™ is a retrieval and application device for tubes of lip gloss and other cosmetic products. By
pressing the top button, the tip folds up to a 90° angle and retrieves all product from areas within
the container that normally cannot be reached, such as the sides, bottom and top. This allows for
complete retrieval of the product in any container. Tips are interchangeable (e.g., brush, sponge,
rubber tip, mascara wand). Wand length can be changed to accommodate any container.



Product Features & Benefits

Special Features

  • Reaches top, sides and bottom of tube
  •  Eliminates waste of cosmetic product by emptying tube completely
  •  Extends product life
  •  Can be manufactured as a permanent, external tool, licensed as an in-product applicator or
    manufactured as a disposable tool –providing recurring revenue
  •  Optional tips available (sponge, brush, rubber tip) for use
  •  Can be used for a variety of cosmetic
    or medical products
  •  Easy to use
  •  Economical



Product Details

  • Product retrieval and applicator device with a deployable tip
  • Tip moves up to a 90°angle so that all product can be retrieved within the top portion of the tube
  • Wand can be made at longer lengths so that all product can be retrieved at the bottom of the tube
  • Optional tips –sponge, rubber, brush, mascara wand
  • Can be created as a permanent external tool, a permanent in-product applicator or a disposable applicator
  • Inexpensive to manufacture/purchase

Materials needed to produce the Gloss Getter™:

  • Molded cap
  • Shaft (aluminum or plastic)
  • Tip mechanisms (spring, rivets, attaching hardware)
  • Packaging (for external tool)
  • Assembly





The Gloss Getter™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,439,499














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