Zip Me Up™


The Zip Me Up™ is a household tool that assists women and girls zip and unzip dresses and other garments from the back without hesitation or struggle. The telescoping rod extends electronically by pushing a button, and has a hook or magnet to attach to the zipper pull for easy reaching.

The small size makes it convenient to carry along when shopping for dresses, boots, or any other clothing item that has a zipper that may be difficult to close due to its location. The Zip Me Up™ can be used on zippers made of metal, nylon, and plastic. Everyone will enjoy the convenience of utilizing this new tool in a variety of ways.




Special features

  • Motorized, telescoping rod extends reach
  • Hook on one end attaches to zipper pull
  • Magnet on one end
  • Magnet may move along metal zipper teeth while closing
  • Zips or unzips
  • Great for dresses with back or side zippers
  • Relieves stress and strain on the arms and back
  • Saves considerable time and frustration
  • Increases wardrobe options
  • Everyone can use this product
  • Convenient



The Zip Me Up™ is a household tool that will assist women zip or unzip garments with back or side zippers. It is a motorized, telescoping rod that will extend up to 18”, providing enough length for most women to reach a back or side zipper. A hook attaches to the zipper pull, and the rod is retracted to close the zipper. A magnet may be engaged to move against the zipper teeth (metal) to ensure closure.

An on/off button is pushed to extend or retract the rod, according to each individual’s preference. The button is located at the top on the rod, in the largest section, for convenience. The rod, when in the retracted position, is small and convenient to carry when shopping for clothing.

Although the Zip Me Up™ was created for women who wear clothing with back or side zippers, it is a versatile tool that may be used by other people (men included) for many other items, such as boots and footwear, swimwear and wet suits, luggage, tents, bags, etc. Anything that comes with a zipper that is in a difficult-to-reach location will not be a problem any more.

The Zip Me Up™ could also be considered as an aid for disabled individuals. People in wheelchairs often find it difficult to reach zippers on a multitude of items. Injured individuals that are suffering from mobility issues involving the arms or back need some assistance zipping up clothes or bags. This tool would improve the quality of life for many people.

Materials needed to produce the Zip Me Up™:

  • Telescoping rod
    • Motor
    • Battery
    • Spring
    • On/Off button
    • End Caps
  • Magnet
  • Hook



The Zip Me Up™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,750,363















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