Designer Paper Towel Cover



The Designer Paper Towel Cover is a decorative cover that fits over a roll of paper towels and a holder. The cover prevents soiling of additional paper towels by allowing a single towel to be pulled from the roll without touching others on the roll.

This cover can be designed to fit any décor, match kitchen colors, or a specific design. Many options are possible to create the kitchen accessory to complete the look that anyone wants to achieve. The Designer Paper Towel Cover is an inexpensive and simple way to add a little flair, color, or personal touch to any room.




Special features

  • Covers paper towel roll and holder
  • Provides a sturdy structure for protection
  • Can sit on any flat surface
  • Dispenses one towel at a time
  • Protects other towels from wet or messy hands
  • No waste
  • Cover is easy to clean
  • Matches kitchen décor
  • Can be used for any room
  • Multiple options of color and design
  • Can be made in a larger size for commercial use




The Designer Paper Towel Cover is a cover for a roll of paper towels on a holder. The cover protects the towels from dust, dirt, messy hands, etc., and allows the towels to be pulled out one at a time. This prevents the waste from pulling out multiple towels when only one is needed.

The cover is a large rectangle of sturdy material (metal, plastic, other) that is curled into a cylindrical shape, leaving a small gap (slot) for the paper towel to slide through. As towels are pulled out for use, there are two guides attached to the inside of the cover, to help keep the towel flat. This prevents the paper towel from crumpling and causing a jam.

The cover can be designed to match any décor, in any room in the house. A variety of colors, designs, and patterns can be incorporated for matching a user’s own kitchen. Other rooms where the Designer Paper Towel Cover could be placed are an art studio, a playroom, a garage (for shop towels), a work room, a nursery, bathrooms, etc. The cover will add a decorative element to any room, while also being useful.

The Designer Paper Towel Cover was designed for home use, but a larger version my be considered for industrial to hold wraps in butcher shops, department stores, restaurants, and more.

Materials needed to produce the Designer Paper Towel Cover:

  • Structure material
    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • Other sturdy material
    • Curved into cylindrical shape
    • Slot opening
  • End cap
  • Guide tabs


The Designer Paper Towel Cover  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,334,995














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