Concrete Reclaim Gate™



The Concrete Reclaim Gate™ is a method and device for separating components of wet cement. The Concrete Reclaim Gate™ passes sand, rinse water, and cement slurry while blocking cement aggregates. So, the aggregates are blocked by the screen, the sand passes through and is filtered. The slurry passes through and is collected and settled. The aggregates, sand, and rinse water can be recovered.

Rinse water will be introduced into the tumbler for washing and diluting the wet cement. With the wet cement diluted the constituent sand, slurry, and rinse water can pass through the reclaim gate when it is open and then into the reclaim area. The aggregate will remain in the tumbler.


The reclaim area is preferably a paved area with a downward slope that runs toward hay bales arranged in a semi-enclosed pattern. A fence/reclamation structure comprised of something like a synthetic geotextile material for filtering water in sediment control projects, is draped over the inner periphery of the hay bales. The hay bales reinforce the fence/reclamation structure while also providing another layer of filtration. The hay bales may be arranged as shown in the photo above, with three (3) sides of a rectangular area, or they may be placed in any arcuate or semi-circular configuration to suit a particular reclaim area. The hay bales may also be reinforced by blocks.

The dislodged sand and slurry will pool in the reclaim area. The sand will pool up and remain within the hay bale and fence/reclamation structure due to the reduction in the velocity of the flow of the slurry and filtration. The slurry will continue to flow under, around, and through the hay bales and the fence/reclamation structure to eventually flow into a waste pit or another receiver. When only the aggregate remains within the cleansed tumbler the reclaim gate can be closed by counter rotation of a turn plate. The aggregate can then be removed from the tumbler for reuse. The sand, having been filtered from the slurry in the reclaim area can also be reused. The rinse water can also be reused after the slurry settles.



Special features

  • Strainer openings are not large enough to allow wet cement aggregates to pass through but are large enough to allow sand, slurry, and rinse water to pass through
  • Recycles wet cement located in ready-mix trucks
  • Separates sand, concrete slurry, and concrete aggregates from the wet cement
  • It reclaims concrete from ready-mix concrete trucks without using a fixed site concrete re-claimer
  • Enables quick, easy and effective reclaiming of mixed concrete




The Concrete Reclaim Gate™ has a tumbler flange with a flange opening, a strainer adjacent the tumbler flange, a central strainer pivot aperture, a screen with strainer openings, and a fixed plate that entraps the strainer adjacent the tumbler flange. The fixed plate is rigidly attached to the tumbler flange by threaded fasteners and includes a central fixed plate aperture and a fixed plate reclaim aperture that is aligned with the screen. A rotating turn plate having a central turn plate aperture and a turn plate reclaim aperture is adjacent the fixed plate. A gate actuator passes through the central turn plate aperture, through the central fixed plate aperture and into the central strainer pivot aperture so as to retain the turn plate adjacent the fixed plate so that the turn plate can selectively align the central turn plate aperture with the central fixed plate aperture (USPTO).


Materials needed to produce the Concrete Reclaim Gate™:

  • Reclaim gate
    • Tumbler flange
      • Threaded fasteners
  • Fixed Plate
    • Fixed Plate pivot aperture
    • Threaded fasteners
    • Central strainer pivot aperture
    • L-shaped perimeter
  • Strainer
    • Central strainer pivot aperture
      • Nut fastener
    • Circular
    • Screen
      • Strainer openings
  • Rotating turn plate
    • Reclaim aperture
    • Central turn plate pivot aperture
      • Keyway
  • Gate actuator
    • Key
    • Threaded connector
  • Actuator Tool
    • Open-end wrench


The Concrete Reclaim Gate™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,821,317













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