The OpPro™ is a protected communication system for a security detail. This app performs many functions while a protected person is traveling from place to place.

The OpPro™ provides the ability for command staff to oversee an entire operation remotely. It reduces agent challenges in unfamiliar locations by noting various sites, such as hospitals, police stations, etc. and suggesting safe routes. This information is critical in case of an emergency.

The OpPro™ is a unique security system that assures privacy of a protected person’s itinerary, and provides a safe way for travel to all locations. Unscheduled stops can be added, changes can be incorporated, and security remains constant through each trip. The safest way to travel is to have security details that are using the OpPro™ app.



Special features

  • Encryption at the highest level, used by government entities
  • Itinerary can be loaded in advance
  • Single point of communication for protective detail
  • Command personnel can monitor several details at once
  • Multiple traffic routes with traffic flow (density, accidents, construction, detours)
  • Modern, efficient, technical program for agents
  • Improves quality of work
  • Provides archives for later reference
  • Provides internal phone book, address book, and points of contact
  • Allows instant sharing communications between agents for pertinent information
  • Wireless printing capability
  • Auto-populates critical points of interest (hospitals, police stations, trauma centers, safe houses, fire departments, military installations)
  • Flexibility to adapt to quick changes and emergencies
  • Reduces vulnerability and potential security breaches
  • Improves operation security




The OpPro™ is a system and method for sharing a travel itinerary with a protective detail. To begin, an itinerary is entered into a computer (cloud environment), in any suitable electronic data format (text file, spreadsheet, database, etc.) where it is accessible by multiple authorized devices. A pre-defined format may be comprised for accepting files.

The itinerary is received by wireless or wired communication networks, or cellular networks via Bluetooth. Other modes are also possible. The itinerary is received from the person who is travelling or an authorized representative, and a security detail is assigned. The computer also contains data storage security.

Every device has a dedicated AES 256 crypto engine built into the DMA path between the flash storage and main system memory, making file encryption highly efficient. The device’s unique ID (UID) and device group ID (GID) numbers are fused or compiled into the application processor and secure enclave during manufacturing. UID and GID can only be used by the AES engine dedicated to the Secure Enclave. By integrating these keys into the silicon helps prevent them from being tampered with or bypassed, or accessed outside the AES engine.


Multiple details may be handled by one command center. All security details will receive full attention to details, and can be monitored at the same time. Communications between agents are kept within one security detail, and will not overlap with other agents. The OpPro™ system assures complete and secure protection for all protected individuals’ itineraries, and great success and satisfaction for all operations.



The OpPro™  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,347,782











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