Carnahan Rack™




The Carnahan Rack™ is a rack that attaches to the cab of a pickup truck. The rack is made of rubber and has a magnetic strip on the bottom.

This allows the driver to haul objects that are extra-long, such as lumber, ladders, pipes, and other items. The rack prevents damage to the cab, and the load can be secured within the truck bed. This prevents the owner from having to rent a trailer to haul large or long equipment and supplies.




Special features

  • Rack attaches securely to truck cab
  • Padded for load support
  • Prevents damage to cab
  • Allows for hauling long items
  • No need to rent a trailer
  • Convenient for hauling supplies and equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove




The Carnahan Rack™ is a small, supportive rack that attaches to the cab of a pickup truck. It is made of one piece of rubber with a magnetic strip attached to the bottom. This rack is made for supporting items that are longer than a pickup truck bed, such as pipes, lumber and ladders. The load extends over the cab, rests on the rack, and is secured within the truck bed.


The mat is pliable, so items resting on it will not move around, preventing the load from shifting. It is a useful tool for truck owners who occasionally need to move something long to another location for work, home repairs, or other projects. Any truck owner will find additional uses for their pickup with the Carnahan Rack™ attached.


Materials needed to produce the Carnahan Rack™:

  • Rack
    • Solid rubber piece
  • Magnetic attaching system




The Carnahan Rack™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,663,151
















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