The Q-Pouch™ is a small, drill accessory that adheres to the surface over the area to be drilled and catches debris from drilling a hole. The pouch is lightweight and disposable, fits over any drill chuck, comes in different sizes to catch debris from small to larger holes, and will help keep clean-up to a minimum.

These pouches are great for catching wood shavings, plaster from drywall holes, and many other types of materials. They help minimize to eliminate the amount of material that is normally caught on the wall or dropped on the floor as holes are drilled.




Special features

  • Convenient drill accessory
  • Adhesive back keeps pouch in place
  • Drilling guides for drill site
  • Easy to use
  • Wall drilling made easy
  • Pouch folds flat for easy storage
  • Pouch unfolds to catch debris
  • Great for wood shavings, plaster and other materials
  • Less mess when attaching hooks, hangers and screws to walls
  • No clean-up before hanging pictures, clocks, racks, and other decor
  • Easy clean-up saves time
  • Simple construction
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Disposable and reusable styles





The Q-Pouch™ is an apparatus for the collection, gathering, and disposal of the debris that is created when drilling a hole into a vertical surface. It is is designed and constructed in a very simple manner and is very inexpensive to manufacturer.

The Q-Pouch™ is foldable, stackable, and compact, and contains in its design, a method that enables the user to align the drill more easily to the intended hole position in a more perpendicular manner. A strong adhesive strip is attached to the back, so it can be re-positioned for perfect placement of the drill bit.

The Q-Pouch™ can be sold in packs of five or more, can be made available in many sizes, from small to large, and is reusable and disposable. This handy and convenient drill accessory will be very useful and save clean-up time for all projects that require drilling holes.


Materials needed to produce the Q-Pouch™:

  • Pouch material
    • Drilled
    • Gusseted
    • Lined interior
    • Disposable
  • Adhesive
  • Packaging




Fun Fact: The Q-Pouch™ is named for the Quokka, a small, large-footed marsupial who stands on its hind legs, carries its young in a pouch, and is native to southwest Australia and Rottnest Island.






Below are two demo videos where you can see the Q-Pouch™ in action.

Q-Pouch™ Demo Video 1

Q-Pouch™ Demo Video 2



The Q-Pouch™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,040,156




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