Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App



The Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App is a newly patented technology available for licensing. This technology will search for a selected contact, let the user know what that contact is currently doing (driving, working, etc.). The user may determine if it is safe to make a call, send an email, or send a text.

The Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App is downloaded and a license key must be purchased to register and use the app. The user purchases a license for the app and invites contacts to join a group. The contact may accept the invitation, purchase or accept a license key, and their information is automatically sent to the user’s phone. The user’s information is also automatically sent to the contact that accepted the invitation and joined the group.

The user has the option to send a complimentary license key to the contacts with invitations, or contacts may purchase their own.

Only the contacts in the user’s “My Contacts Group” will be able to use the app functions. The Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App allows the user to make informed choices on how to contact people within the ‘My Contacts Group’.





Special features

  • Text originator can see what each contact is doing
  • Originator can decide whether a text is safe to send
  • Originator may select alternate communication method
  • App automatically updates user’s driving status
  • User may set their own status as desired
  • App may use GPS to find contact location
  • Phones may remain operational at all times
  • No hardware is required for app performance
  • Reduces number of deaths caused by texting while driving
  • Anyone in the group, including drivers, may set their status as ‘unavailable’
  • Great for teenage drivers
  • Great for occupational drivers
  • Reduces distracted driving





The Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App is a new way to reduce texts received by drivers – it gives the sender the option of sending a text or waiting until a safer time. This is done by downloading the app onto a cell phone. The user purchases a license key to register and activate the app. The user may purchase additional (complimentary) license keys.

The user then selects contacts to invite into a group to share the app  Each invited contact must also download the app and purchase or accept a complimentary license key(s). This enables the app to assess the status of the sender and the receiver, and the sender can initiate a safe communication in the form of a text, an email, or a phone call. The contact can also see the status of the sender.

Once a group is established and everyone has the app, settings can be selected for each individual. The app automatically updates each user’s status if they are driving. The user of each phone may also select their own status, such as not available. It automatically updates every 15 seconds, so contacts do not have to physically change their status multiple times.

The main function of the Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App is to prevent a user’s contacts from receiving texts and calls while they are driving. Messages or calls sent to a contact can be limited to a time when they are not driving or engaged in another activity when answering would be inappropriate or inconvenient.





The Where’s My Contact™ Mobile App is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,003916










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