Absorbent Private Pouch for Men™



The Absorbent Private Pouch for Men™ is a discreet and absorbent undergarment designed to address issues related to excess moisture in the scrotum area. This pouch is usually worn inside regular underwear to provide an extra layer of protection and absorbency. 

The innovative design of the Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ introduces a new level of comfort and convenience, particularly addressing the challenges associated with moisture absorption and skin chafing. Crafted with specialized materials, this pouch is engineered to swiftly absorb and effectively lock away moisture, ensuring that the skin remains dry and free from the discomfort caused by prolonged moisture accumulation.

The pouch features a proprietary material that rapidly absorbs moisture, swiftly wicking away sweat or other moisture sources, thereby maintaining a dry environment. This moisture control mechanism helps in minimizing skin irritation caused by prolonged exposure to dampness. Beyond absorption, the Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ excels in locking away moisture, preventing it from causing discomfort or skin-related issues. This feature is especially beneficial in scenarios where extended periods of moisture exposure can lead to skin irritation, chafing, or discomfort.

Constructed possibly from disposable soft tissue paper-like material, the Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ provides consistent performance, cleanliness, and convenience over time. This sustainability ensures a reliable and lasting solution to moisture-related discomfort.

The Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ emerges as a discreet, comfortable, and effective solution to the challenges posed by moisture accumulation and skin chafing. Its advanced design not only ensures immediate relief from discomfort but also promotes skin health and overall confidence, allowing individuals to carry out their daily activities with ease and comfort.







  • Prevents skin chafing
  • Moisture control
  • Absorbent material





The Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ is utilized by inserting the penis into the penis flange while the scrotum sits comfortably within the pouch. The penis flange allows the insertion of multiple-sized penises to accommodate all users of the device. Placing the penis separate from the scrotum allows the device to remain in place. Both the penis flange and scrotum pouch contain absorbent, disposable, and possibly soft tissue paper-like material to decrease the chance of skin chafing and irritation caused by moisture.

Materials needed to produce the Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™:

  • Possibly disposable soft tissuepaper-like material
  • Flange for penis
  • Pouch for scrotum




The Absorbent Private Pouch For Men™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,952,480


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