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The dual-chamber whistle is a dual-chamber whistle that produces sound with three air flows.  The basic sound of the dual-chamber whistle is generated by the first and second air flows interacting together. Then the second sound is created by the third air flow combining with the first and second together. This created the two turbulence interaction that make this whistle unique.

Because this unique alarm is as easy to activate as blowing a whistle – it can be used by children out at play or walking to school, by college students walking to classes, by adults in every life scenario and every intellectual level. We have all been stunned by the violence in America and how it has escalated and become enormous in proportion. This is a product that can increase the safety of every person in every household.



This first and second turbulence streams flow together becoming one turbulence and the third flow is a second turbulence. The actual patterns of turbulences created by these two turbulences are quite random. The two turbulences interact together and create an additional sound called the “oversound”. It is the oversound that triggers the human psychological response interpreting it in such a way that the human ear hears an actual call for “help”. This is a complex air flow produced by this dual-chamber whistle and is like no other. It has an intake, an exhaust, and a router. These special features assure a complex airflow system.


Special features

  • The dual-chamber
  • An intake
  • An exhaust
  • A router



The JC Help Whistle is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,068,562




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