Fingerprint Trigger Lock™



The Fingerprint Trigger Lock™ is an electronic device that is secured over the trigger portion of a firearm. It encloses the trigger, and engages a lock.

The lock can be opened by placing a fingertip over the access pad, and if the print matches the programmed print, the lock electronically opens. The two pieces of the locking device separate and the trigger is exposed. The lock can be programmed for two different users, and can only be opened after their fingerprints are recognized by the lock software.





Special features

  • Trigger lock for firearms
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Electronic safety device
  • GPS locator
  • Rechargeable
  • Fingerprint identification required
  • Two users may be programmed in the system
  • Device contains two parts
  • Opens by moving locking pins and separating
  • Keeps firearm safely locked until needed
  • Cannot be removed without proper identification
  • Prevents unauthorized use of firearms
  • Prevents accidental shooting of firearms
  • Prevents accidental injuries and deaths of children from firearms found in a home







The Fingerprint Trigger Lock™ is a fingerprint gun lock apparatus for quickly and safely locking and unlocking a trigger of a gun. It is constructed of frontside body with an inner face that includes an extended portion and a recessed portion. A screw gear is coupled to a motor within a frontside inner cavity. A pair of locking pins each has a threaded end coupled to the screw gear, extends through a pair of pin apertures, and has a hooked end.

The pair of locking pins secures a backside body to the front around the trigger of the gun. A fingerprint scanner activates the motor to turn the screw gear and separate the pair of locking pins when an authorized fingerprint is touched to the scanner, which allows the frontside body and the backside body to separate.

Three special safety features make this trigger lock unique. The fingerprint identification system prevents use of the gun if it is lost or stolen, and the GPS locator will aid in a quick recovery of the firearm. The rechargeable battery is a convenient way to make sure the lock is always operational. The Fingerprint Trigger Lock™ is the best way to protect a firearm and prevent unauthorized use.


Materials needed to produce the Fingerprint Trigger Lock™:

  • Two-piece housing
  • Screw gear
  • Motor
  • Locking pins
  • Electronic communication system
  • Fingerprint recognition software
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • GPS locator
  • Power source
  • Rechargeable battery





The Fingerprint Trigger Lock™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,527,378,
















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