Clutch Tamer™ for Clutch Linkages



The Clutch Tamer™ delays excessively rapid application of the clutch, slowing engagement in first gear by providing a metered, diminishing force opposed to pressure from the return spring.  It also functions to prevent mechanical damage to the motor vehicle and to avoid discomfort to passengers. The Clutch Tamer™ can take the form of a simple, purely mechanical damper or gas spring or take advantage of new magnetorheologic fluids as part of a computer controlled clutch actuation mechanism. It can easily be incorporated or retrofitted into existing linkages of all types, requiring only a bracket located at an already occurring pinch point. Installing the Clutch Tamer™ on any vehicle makes it safer, more predictable, and increases clutch disc life.


How the Clutch Tamer™ Work:

The Clutch Tamer™ is a device placed in the clutch linkage that slows clutch engagement when the vehicle is started from an at rest condition. It does not operate between gears when the vehicle is in motion.

The Clutch Tamer™ consists of a gas spring, shock absorber, or magnetorheologic damper with a slow recovery time installed at a pinch point (clutch fork, pedal, lever, etc.) in the clutch linkage. When the clutch is disengaged for more than 2 seconds, the Clutch Tamer™ recovers from its compressed state and provides a predictable, repeatable time delay allowing the operator to apply throttle input to get the vehicle moving. When the operator shifts into consecutive gears, the Clutch Tamer™ does not have time to recover and does not affect the speed of clutch engagement, rendering it invisible.






Special features

  • Let’s clutch out slower when in first gear
  • Easier to learn how to operate a manual transmission
  • Safer vehicle starts from an “at rest” condition
  • Retrofitable to any device that has a clutch
  • Prevents mechanical damage to the motor vehicle
  • Helps avoid discomfort to passengers
  • Prevents drive train shock




Materials needed to produce the Clutch Tamer™:

  • Cylinder
    • Hollow dampers cylinder
      • Piston/spring liner
        • Grooves and holes
      • Orifice Block
        • Orifice adjustment screw
    • Piston
      • Ball valves
        • Orifices with different diameters
    • Magneto Rheological (MR) hydraulic fluid
    • Switch
    • Return spring
    • Piston rod
    • Electromagnet
  • Sensor
  • Logic circuit
  • Electrical circuit
  • Power Supply


The Clutch Tamer™  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,441,701















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