Full Body Workout Device™



Welcome to the pinnacle of fitness innovation: The Full Body Workout Device™! This isn’t just another exercise gadget—it’s a breakthrough in fitness technology designed to redefine the workout experience. Our recently patented device stands at the forefront of the industry, offering an unprecedented opportunity for licensing. Picture this: A sleek, state-of-the-art apparatus meticulously engineered to target every muscle group in the body. From arms to legs, core to back, this device ensures a comprehensive workout, delivering results like never before.

What sets the Full Body Workout Device™ apart is its unparalleled versatility and efficiency. No need for multiple machines cluttering the workout space—this all-in-one solution simplifies fitness routines. Experience the convenience of engaging all muscle groups seamlessly, saving time without compromising effectiveness. Whether a fitness enthusiast, a professional athlete, or someone starting their fitness journey, our device adapts to their needs, offering a customizable and adaptable workout regime.

Don’t just exercise—revolutionize the fitness journey with the Full Body Workout Device™. This device is about more than physical transformation. It’s about empowering users to achieve peak performance efficiently and effectively. Join the fitness revolution today and license the future of workout technology!


Special features

  • Slidable or stationary hand and foot sliders
  • Feet fit snugly in slider pocket
  • Rotatable ball allows rotation and sliding of device
  • Control panel enables or disables the rotation of slider
  • Slider intensity controlled by control panel




The Full Body Workout Device™ is engineered for intuitive and straightforward use, ensuring a seamless fitness experience for users of all levels. Its user-friendly hand and foot sliders simplify the workout process, allowing individuals to engage various muscle groups effortlessly.

To use the device, start by adjusting the settings to the preferred resistance or intensity level via the control panel. With its versatile design, the device accommodates different fitness goals and abilities. Next, place each foot within the pockets. These pockets help prevent the feet from slipping and coming out. With the feet in place and the hands holding the hand sliders, one can perform various exercises ranging from strength training to cardiovascular workouts, all in one compact unit.

Depending on the workout routine, the designated slider handles can be utilized to target specific muscle groups. The device’s ergonomic design ensures proper form and function, maximizing the effectiveness of each exercise. Engage in a series of reps and sets, following the recommended workout program, or customize the regimen based on personal preferences.

After the workout session, the device’s easy-to-clean surfaces and compact storage capabilities make for hassle-free maintenance and storage, fitting seamlessly into any home or professional gym environment. The Full Body Workout Device™ simplifies the fitness journey, making it accessible, efficient, adaptable, and affordable to individual needs.

Materials needed to produce the Full Body Workout Device™:

  • 2 Hand sliders
  • 2 foot sliders
  • Tracking balls
  • Electronic control board
  • Switches and controls
  • Instructional manual



The Full Body Workout Device™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,684,817


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