The Independence™ is a vehicle designed for wheelchair users. It is a safer mode of transportation than motorized wheelchairs and scooters, especially when out on city streets and at public locations.

The vehicle can be used by any individual with limited mobility. It is a small vehicle with inside space for a wheelchair, and has many safety features (lights, windshield, hand controls) for driving. This vehicle provides better visibility for users while out and about on city roadways and in public places.



Special features

  • Safer mode of transportation for wheelchair users
  • Personal vehicle for more mobility
  • Protects users on city streets
  • Improved visibility when out in public
  • Small, accessible vehicle
  • Safety features included (seat belts, lights, windshield, speed controls)
  • Hand-operated driving controls
  • Floor lowers to provide wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair locks into place while moving
  • Motorized vehicle for individuals with limited mobility
  • Allows individuals to be more mobile




The Independence™ is a motorized vehicle that provides independent mobility for an individual confined to using a wheelchair or other mobility devices, such as walkers or scooters. In particular, the vehicle provides a user-friendly, convenient, and safe vehicle for independent transportation.

The motorized vehicle consists of a vehicle body, with a floor configured to receive and secure a wheelchair on it in the place of the driver. The rear of the floor can be lowered with hydraulics and actuators to allow an individual to easily access the vehicle, either by driving a wheelchair or walking onto the floor, and has a section that folds up when not in use. When accessing the vehicle, the rear floor section folds downward as part of the floor and ramp. Lowering, and folding down, of the rear of the floor forms a gentle incline over the length of the floor to provide an easily accessed incline. After an individual has accessed the floor, it is raised to a level position and the rear section is folded upwards into a locked position.

The inside front of the vehicle has a steering control assembly with hand operated controls for steering, throttle, and braking, and has additional hand operated controls for lights, turn signal lights, and horn, each of which may also be configured on the steering control assembly.

To ensure the safety of a wheelchair occupant, the vehicle has a locking device for securing a wheelchair in the vehicle. The locking device secures the wheelchair in a position to provide access to the steering control assembly by an occupant seated in the wheelchair. A safety switch is coupled to the locking device and is activated when a wheelchair is locked to the device and secured in the vehicle. Activation of the safety switch is required for operation of the vehicle, including starting and running of the motor, and controlling the throttle.



The Independence™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,827,153




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