Plant Hydrating Coaster




The Plant Hydrating Coaster is an elevated coaster that holds a beverage. The condensation that forms on the outside of the glass drips onto a plant positioned underneath, using water that would otherwise have been wasted.

This unique coaster performs two functions – it holds a beverage and it waters a plant. The Plant Hydrating Coaster eliminates wet rings left on tables from beverage glasses, and no clean-up is necessary when the glass is empty. The coaster may contain an adjustable ring to fit the beverage glass in use.





Special features

  • Elevated coaster
  • Platform adjusts to fit beverage glass
  • Drain hole lets water drip through
  • Condensation drips onto plant below
  • No water wasted
  • Unique design
  • Attractive and functional décor
  • Can be used for hot or cold drinks
  • Eliminates wet rings on tables and other surfaces
  • Eliminates water clean-up
  • Great way to display small plants
  • Can be used in any room
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Efficient method of watering plants




The Plant Hydrating Coaster is a beverage coaster supported on a stand. The elevated height of the coaster allows room enough for a small houseplant to be placed underneath. As condensation collects on the outside of the glass, it runs down into the coaster and drips on the plant. The coaster and stand are made as a single unit of molded plastic, but other materials may be used.

The coaster is constructed with an inner ring that is adjustable to fit multiple sizes of beverage glasses. The drain hole in the bottom releases water as it collects, watering the plant below. Water rings on tables are eliminated, no water clean-up is necessary after finishing a beverage, and no water is wasted.

The Plant Hydrating Coaster is an efficient, economical, and attractive product that can be used to display small house plants, is great for indoor or outdoor use, and makes a great gift. The coaster and the stand can be designed in many different styles and colors for use in a variety of decors. Plant lovers especially will appreciate the convenience, versatility and functionality of this innovative new product.



Materials needed to produce the Plant Hydrating Coaster:

  • Molded plastic
    • Small, sturdy tubing
    • Coaster and stand
    • Drain hole
  • Adjustable ring




The Plant Hydrating Coaster is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,736,282







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