Corning Downhill Board™



The Corning Downhill Board™ is a professional performance, double-platform board that is used for downhill winter sports. Its improved design requires no straps to attach to a user’s foot, a steering column with handles, and a steering board for changing direction.

The easy-reach handlebars are connected to a small board, which makes steering easier, and helps the rider maintain balance by standing in an upright position. This new device enhances the performance and experience of any snowboarding participant, and can be used by anyone at any level, from beginners to professionals. The Corning Downhill Board™ can also be used as a teaching tool.




Special features

  • Safer ride for downhill sports participants
  • Helps rider maintain balance
  • Makes steering easier
  • No binding straps to prevent feet from moving
  • Double-deck construction
  • Multi-layer board is elongated to allow movement
  • Professional performance board for advanced riding
  • Enhanced performance of rider and board
  • Great teaching board for beginners




The Corning Downhill Board™ is a downhill, bind-less winter sport board that is equipped with handlebars. It allows riders to move freely on the board by eliminating the need for bindings or straps. The board also adds significant functionality to winter sporting devices through the provision of a handlebars and double deck construction.

The Corning Downhill Board™ is made from of a simple design with quality manufacturing that makes it possible for riders to spend more energy improving in their sport, rather than getting in and out of their gear. It offers durability, control, and functionality that will surely be enjoyed out on the slopes. This is a new and innovative product designed to provide downhill winter sport riders with a new experience, combining elements from Skiing, Snowboarding and BMX.

Professional performance makes this a great board for all levels of snowboarding expertise, from beginners to professionals. It can also be used as a teaching tool for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of downhill sporting events.



Materials needed to produce the Corning Downhill Board™:

  • Rigid platform
    • Foot board
    • Base board
    • Frame
  • Steering board
  • Handlebars
  • Steering column
    • Securing arm
    • Securing collar
    • Forked actuator
    • Control end


The Corning Downhill Board™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,908,554







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