Kaveman Golfe™



Kaveman Golfe is a new game that combines two very popular sports – baseball and golf. The specialized equipment creates new fun in familiar ways by using a golf club/driver and/or bat/driver to move the ball through the game/course.

The clubs, balls, and tees may be stored in a specially designed golf bag, and the course may be designed with additional hazards/obstacles and can be played on a traditional golf type course, but is intended to be played on much more rough-terrain areas. This may require the use of a different type of club/driver or golf bat to advance the ball from a tee that is positioned above ground level. This new game will be a challenge to golfers, and add a fun new twist to a traditional golf game.




Special features

  • Increases challenges of traditional golf
  • Includes elements of baseball
  • Exercises additional muscle groups
  • Smaller course with challenging terrains
  • Scoring system similar to golf
  • Ball advanced with club/driver or bat/driver
  • Includes new tee for above-ground movement
  • Swing a bat or swing a club
  • Some redesigned golf clubs used
  • Hybrid balls are larger than golf balls (1.68” v 2.25”)
  • Par 3 13-hole game or 7-hole half game
  • Fun new game for all




Kaveman Golfe™ systems is a golf-like game incorporating the use of a baseball-style club/bat and/or golf clubs/drivers, for advancing a game ball over a smaller, golf-style course. Game may be played using newly designed hybrid game balls, which are larger in size than a standard sized golf ball. The game also includes a newly-designed small-diameter steel rod with a 3” tee on top, for vertically supporting the hybrid game ball to be struck by a player using a baseball-style swing.

This new game will require skill and precision, specialized equipment, and a knowledge of golf rules. Kaveman Golfe™ can be played on a traditional golf course where holes are surrounded by flat greens, but can be played on many surfaces, with rough terrains adding additional challenges, requiring the possible use of more than one type of club/driver for successful completion. The ball is launched from an adjustable tee at a higher elevation using the bat/driver. The club/driver uses a 3” tee through the rough terrain.

Similar to conventional golf, a goal of a player of the golf/baseball hybrid game is to advance the hybrid ball over the course in as few of strokes as possible, by using any particular club/driver among the set of golf clubs or the bat/drivers. The game is played on the hybrid game course according to regulations set forth in the set of game rules for training and competing in both golf and baseball, while exercising 23 different muscles of a player’s body.

The golf/hybrid game may be sold as a kit, which may include at least one hybrid game ball, the set of redesigned golf clubs including at least one club/driver, wedge, putter, and one baseball-style club, at least one golf tee, the steel rod and tee, the hybrid club bag, and a set of the golf/baseball hybrid game rules

Playing the golf/baseball hybrid game with at least two players may comprise the steps of: selecting a hybrid golf/baseball game course; choosing a golf club or a baseball-style club (golf bat); swinging the golf club or golf bat to advance the hybrid ball toward a pin designating a cup of a hole of the game course; and sinking the ball in the cup of the hole in as few strokes as possible. The game play may further comprise an optional step of placing the hybrid ball on a baseball tee for a baseball-style swing; a pitching wedge and the bat hit the same distance.

Instructions for the game will be included with the purchase of the new equipment, and as the popularity of Kaveman Golfe™ increases, leagues would be formed and it could eventually become a semi-professional or professional sport to be played across the nation and internationally.

There are many steps to introduce a new game to the world of sports, and as the equipment becomes available, appropriate game courses would need to be created for the use of Kaveman Golfe™ game players.

Materials needed to produce Kaveman Golfe™:

  • Golf club/driver
  • Putter
  • Wedge
  • Half club/driver
  • Half bat/driver
  • Hybrid game balls
  • Tees
  • Baseball tee
  • Game bag





The Kaveman Golfe™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,233,288




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