Harness Assembly for Towing a Vehicle™




When your car breaks down and requires repairs or has just broken down beyond repair, you must relocate it. Towing a vehicle using another vehicle may be less expensive than employing a professional towing company. The issue is how to safely pull another car without causing further harm to it and drive safely to its destination.

The Harness Assembly for Towing a Vehicle™ allows car owners to safely tow their vehicle without causing additional damage to the vehicle and without the worry of chains or straps breaking. It holds the car snugly to have a smooth ride to your destination.

This product could work well for car companies to make them specifically for each vehicle, as they would have the sizes for each model of vehicle they carry.





Special features

  • Holds The Vehicle Snugly
  • Moves Entire Vehicle
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • No Damage Caused



The Harness Assembly for Towing a Vehicle™ consists of s align-like configuration that encloses the end of a towed vehicle connected to a towing vehicle by elongated straps.

The long towing straps have the first looped end attached to the cover and a second looped end attached to the towing vehicle.

First and second rope networks are part of the cover and consist of multiple ropes which merge at their ends to form a cord member and a loop through which the

flexible strands extend. The towing straps are adjustable and have a length greater than the length of the towed vehicle.

The towing straps, the flexible straps, and the cover are made of strong, durable material.


Materials needed to produce the Harness Assembly for Towing a Vehicle™:

  • Two 25ft straps
  • Canvas or netting-type materia




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The Harness Assembly for Towing a Vehicle™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,235,630



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