The HushCo is a soundproof cover for cell phones and smart devices. It blocks third-party eavesdroppers from listening to phone conversations and other private information in a user’s home, as well as when traveling outside the home with a cell phone.

The HushCo soundproof cover technology blocks microphones that are enabled from outside sources, so no listening devices can be used to intrude on a user’s privacy, while still having the devices (cell phones, smart home devices) fully operational.




Special features

  • Soundproof cover allows normal operation of cell phones and smart devices while protecting privacy
  • Extra security for cell phones and home devices
  • Stops electronic eavesdropping
  • Protects privacy of conversations
  • Prevents targeted advertising with user information gathered
  • Low-cost alternative to privacy software
  • Stops listening when user has the phone
  • Works for all voice-control devices






As the processing power available to devices continues to increase, it has become practical to interact with users in new ways. Voice-controlled devices may include capabilities that users can activate through user speech or applications executed on mobile devices. In order for these voice-controlled devices to operate, the voice-controlled devices include microphones that capture sound, such as the user speech. The voice-controlled devices also include network components that communicate with a remote system and over a network. The devices may send, to the remote system and over the network, audio data representing the user speech. The voice-controlled devices may then receive, from the remote system and over the network, data representing commands to be performed by the voice-controlled device.

In some instances, a user of a voice-controlled device may not want the voice-controlled device to capture the user speech and/or send the audio data representing the user speech to the remote system. This may be problematic, as the voice-controlled device may be configured to constantly capture and analyze the user speech listening for one or more specific triggering words. Additionally, if the user has opted into one or more services provided by the voice-controlled device, the voice-controlled device may send the audio data to the remote system.

By stopping voice data before it ever reaches a device, it can never be used by businesses, government or hackers. This adds an extra layer of security for cell phones, home security devices, and Smart home systems.




Materials needed to produce the HushCo:

  • Container, pouch or cover
    • Soundproof material
    • Openings
    • Clear material for visibility


The HushCo is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,468,007 and 10,593,316




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