Line Winder™



The Line Winder™ is a battery powered, motor driven, tip-up fishing line winder. It includes a tip-up housing body that is supported by a platform, and a U-shaped channel across a lid, which retains and releases a spring-loaded flag. The shaft of the flag is adjacent to the housing body and indicates a fish strike.



Special features

  • Battery operated reel winder
  • Motor enclosed in waterproof housing
  • Electrical parts protected from low temperatures
  • Spring loaded flag
  • Automatic fish strike indicator
  • Platform supports device on ice and snow
  • Forward-reverse switch activates motor
  • Automatically winds or unwinds line
  • Motor driven shaft moves line spool
  • Hassle -free operation
  • Highly visible
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble



The Line Winder™ is a product developed for ice fishing. It is comprised of a motor driven reel winder, a pop-up flag that indicates a fish strike, automatic forward and reverse line movement, and a base that will sit on top of the ice or snow.

The motor and battery are encased in a waterproof housing, and the electrical wires are insulated to protect them from extremely low temperatures. The motor is automatically engaged by the forward/reverse switch, and moves the drive shaft accordingly, which reels the line clockwise or counter-clockwise. When the line is taken by a fish, the pop-up flag is released to let the fisherman know that a strike has taken place.

The platform is easily disengaged from the ice or snow for catch retrieval, then reset for another one. This way of ice fishing has become more popular in recent years.

The Line Winder™ is a convenient way to fish under the ice. Everything is automatic, and when the flag pops up, the fisherman knows that he has a fish strike. This simple process makes ice fishing easier for everyone who wants to try something new.

Materials needed to produce the Line Winder™:

  • Plastic or polyester base
  • Flag assembly
    • Spring loaded
  • Motor and battery
  • Electrical wiring
    • insulated
  • Drive shaft
  • Waterproof housing
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Fishing line reel



The Line Winder™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,392,779
















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