Handy Fruit Coring Device™





The Handy Fruit Coring Device is a novel fruit and vegetable coring device that permits single action coring of apples, other fruits, and vegetables. The device permits the removal of the fruit core without slicing through the entire depth of the fruit, thereby retaining a floor below the core for the retention of ingredients for cooking. It also permits complete coring.



The coring device comprises a tube in the form of a cylinder that has a cylindrical blade on one end and a handle at the other end. Planar blades are located within the interior of the cylinder, in the proximity of the cylindrical blade, for the purpose of shearing the fruit core and freeing it from the fruit upon rotation of the cylinder about its longitudinal axis once inserted in the fruit.



Variations of the Handy Fruit Coring Device™ can be designed for different sized fruits and vegetable. The baseline blade taper is good for apples and a variety of fruits of similar density.

However, the patent discloses a range of tapers of the cylinder wall that would be sufficient to compress the core of a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables for the removal of the respective cores.

Depth of cutting can be gauged manually, but provision is made for standoff collars placed along the cylinder near the handle attachment to adjust the coring depth of the cutting.

Additionally, an optional alignment mechanism can provide alignment of the coring cylinder with the core of the fruit.

It is clear there are numerous possibilities for this unique product.



Special features

  • ONLY product to permit partial coring
  • Included alignment tool for accurate coring
  • Easy to use
  • Single-action coring
  • Can core many different fruits and vegetables
  • Interior planar blades
  • Exterior cylindrical blade







Materials needed to produce the Handy Fruit Coring Device™:

  • 1/4″ thick aluminum plate to create handle
  • 1″ outside diameter stainless steel tubing, approximately .02″ wall thickness
  • polymeric cap for blade protection





The Handy Fruit Coring Device™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,729,271




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