Reflection Clock™



The Reflection Clock™ is a clock device for timekeeping with an analog display and a time correction unit. This clock, called a master clock, can communicate with other analog and digital clocks that use mechanical clockworks, and will update multiple clocks at the same time. This is especially useful for resetting many clocks at once after a power outage, time changes or other time-affecting occurrences. Hospitals, office buildings, schools, and others would benefit greatly from having the Reflection Clock™ automatically update their analog clocks.




Special features

  • Accurate timekeeping in an analog or digital clock
  • Time updated every 60 seconds
  • Corrects multiple clocks at the same time
  • Time updates may be transmitted by an external force
  • Analog clocks may be synchronized with any Reflection Clock™
  • A comparator compares the codes of all clocks and updates accordingly




The Reflection Clock™ is a device that corrects time on an analog or digital clock. The master clock receives input from all clocks in an entire building, and updates them every 60 seconds. This is done by comparing the BCD binary coded decimal) codes from all the clocks to the BCD code on the master clock. If there are discrepancies, the master clock initiates movement of the clock hands to reflect the correct time.

The master clock mechanical clockworks are comprised of rotary digital encoders, optical encoders, shafts and gears, a comparator, diodes, LEDs, transmitting and receiving components, and other electrical parts. As the clock runs, the shafts that move the hands are being read by the encoders, and the encoders create a BCD (binary coded decimal) that is sent to the comparator. All related analog clocks also send a BCD to the comparator. If a discrepancy is detected, the hands on the analog clock are moved to the correct position, which matches the time on the master clock. It can also update time on digital clocks.

The Reflection Clock™ is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, government buildings, military compounds and all other establishments that use analog or digital clocks throughout an entire building or compound. The timekeeping accuracy is superior to any other timekeeping system. It is automatic, corrects all analog  or digital clocks in one location at the same time, and is a great time saver for resetting multiple clocks after a power outage, or when adjusting the time to correspond with Daylight Savings Time.

Materials needed to produce the Reflection Clock™:

  • Clock assemblies
    • Mechanical clockworks
    • Digital clockworks
    • Hour, minute, second
  • Decoder disks
  • Encoder disks
  • Plates and shafts
  • Stepper motor and gears
  • Drive gears
  • Decoder clock PCB assemblies
  • Spacers, brackets, spindles
  • Ball bearings, screws, cable
  • PC boards
  • Resistors, Capacitors
  • Electronic components
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • LEDs
  • Transistors
  • Diodes and connectors
  • Voltage regulator


The Reflection Clock™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,829,863














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