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With 70% of Americans using candles and the industry growing to $3 billion a year in sales, it is no surprise that candles are widely used throughout households. There is a wide range of candles of different shapes, sizes, and prices ranging from $1 to over $200 per candle. One common issue many candle users have is their candle wicks drown in the wax rendering it unusable. This may happen when there is still plenty of candle wax left and make users feel like so much of the candle is wasted. The Candle Rescue™ seeks to challenge the industry with providing an incredibly useful tool to extend the life of candles.

The Candle Rescue™ is the quickest way to save any drowned candle wick. Typically, it is a long, frustrating, and messy process to save or replace a candle wick when it is drowned. The Candle Rescue™ is a device that quickly and easily removes the wax around the wick of the candle with a quick push and turn. Once users remove the wax, the candle wick is very exposed and easy to light to start using the candle again. This saves users’ candles so they can continue to enjoy them and not have to spend more money on new candles while their old ones drowned in wax are sitting in a cabinet with plenty of wax left to use.



Special features

  • Allows users to extend the life of candles
  • Able to use on many candles with minimal wear and tear
  • Works for candles of a variety of sizes and styles
  • Does not damage the wick in the process
  • Removes a minimal amount of wax when saving the wick
  • Quick and easy to operate to save drowned wicks
  • No assembly needed to operate
  • Small and lightweight for easy shipping and storage
  • Cost efficient to make and sell to consumers
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process




The Candle Rescue™ is a candle wick extractor to use with a candle having a candle wick that terminates at, proximate to, or is below the top surface of a candle’s wax. The product is comprised of a rigid ergonomic handle and a tubular extension having a radial cutter on the distal end thereof. The handle is comprised of a first portion having a rubber hand grip that is ergonomically shaped for a user to grasp, and a second portion having the metal tubular extension, and a plastic plunger rod to remove the candle wax from the device after extracting it from the candle. The tubular extension is a hollow body having a first end and a second end. The first end is attached to a portion of the handle, whereby the central bore of the tubular extension is accessible from the top of the handle. The second end of the tubular extension supports a plunger rod and is adapted to be inserted longitudinally into the top wax surface of the candle with the central bore positioned over the wick. The metal tube is made of metal with zinc plating to greatly reduce the potential effects of corrosion allowing the user to safely use this device over a long period of time. The product is about 12 inches long, has a 6 inch wide handle, a 1.5 inch wide metal tube, and weighs a little over 7 ounces making it easy to store and inexpensive to ship.

The Candle Rescue™ is quick and easy to use to save candle wicks. First, users remove the plastic plunger from the metal tube. Then they look down the metal tube via the hole in the top of the rubber handle to position the device directly over the candle wick. Next, they press the product straight down into the candle wax as deep as they need to with the candle wick centered. After that, they turn the product side once or a few times to loosen the wax around the candle wick. Then users can pull the device up with the removed wax inside the metal tube and the candle wick left exposed. Finally, they can insert the plastic plunger at the handle of the device, push all the way down, and empty the candle wax from inside the metal tube. Users can also wipe off the outside of the metal tube to finish cleaning it off if needed.

Through this simple process, it is easy to see how candle users can extend the usability of their candles by saving the candle wicks with minimal effort with the help of the Candle Rescue™. The process is also very efficient while also minimizing the damage done to the candle in the process. Since all that is done is a bit of candle wax being removed around the candle wick, the candle and its wick are virtually unharmed when rescuing it with the product. The product comes already assembled and ready to go in its packaging with clear instructions on how to use it making it seamless for the user to start utilizing right away. They can also use this product on of a variety of shaped and sized candles with this tool since it has a small opening to work for small and large candles with a deep reach with the long metal tube for those tall candles. With the durability of the product with the zinc plating, users can enjoy extending the usability of dozens or hundreds of their candles with just one Candle Rescue™.


Materials needed to produce the Candle Rescue™:

  • ABS material with rubber over mold for handle
  • Metal tube with zinc plating
  • Zing alloy head at end of tube
  • Plastic plunger rod



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