Many Americans are making fitness a priority and making the time to get in better shape whether that is fulfilled by going to their local gym or working out in their home gym. One popular exercise amongst tens of millions of Americans is yoga. Yoga helps individuals with flexibility, strength, and stress relief, so it is no wonder that so many make it one of their top choices when it comes to exercising. The Yogeasy™ seeks to challenge the industry standards by its innovative design and usability.

The Yogeasy™ is a set of two cushioned surfaces in the shape of hands that users can use when it comes to performing yoga poses and other floor exercises such as pushups and planks. The two surfaces are cushioned to reduce pain and discomfort when performing these exercises, and it has a textured surface to provide extra grip and minimal sliding for the hands and the surface they are placed on. For hot yoga fans, this product offers a great grip their mat is lacking. For some aging individuals, it makes their arthritic issues much less noticeable and allows them to do longer and more beneficial exercising sessions. It is also very easy to transport due to its small size, and it is usable in variety of places such as the beach or a cruise cabin versus having to bring a large yoga mat.





Special features

  • Provides a cushioned surface for users to place their hands
  • Reduces pain and discomfort for users doing exercises
  • Able to use on a variety of surfaces including on a yoga mat
  • Multiuse for yoga poses and other exercises
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy shipping, traveling, and storage
  • Very grippy surface to minimize sliding of the product and the hands
  • Variety of sizes to fit small, medium, or large hands
  • Cost efficient to make and sell to consumers
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process
  • Ergonomic design





The Yogeasy™ is a revolutionary product for yoga and other floor exercises. The Yogeasy™ consists of two hand pads for stabilizing and supporting on a floor or other surface the hand of a user during either stationary / static or dynamic exercises. It includes a hand pad body having a top surface defining  a debossed profile of a human hand, or human hand shaped cavity, for receiving therein a hand of a user. The product is made from a high quality dense polyurethane foam providing a very cushioned surface for the user’s hands. The material also provides a non-slip grip to minimize movement of the product and user’s hands when utilizing the product. The product comes in 3 sizes: small- 7 inches, medium- 7.5 inches, and large- 8.5 inches. This allows users of a variety of hand sizes to utilize this unique product.

The inventor of the product noticed years ago after many sessions of yoga, he began to notice the wear and tear those strenuous moves were beginning to take on his body. Positions like downward facing dog were causing strain in multiple places, in particular his wrists and hands. He thought, “If only there was an ergonomic and firm yet comfortable pad that would ease the stress and allow for greater motion, that would be great!” He also experienced many mishaps where his sweaty mat was just not giving the proper foundation for strength moves often required in yoga. The Yogeasy™ strives to be the perfect pad for people performing floor exercises by relieving stress on their back, hands, and wrists that often arise in the process. Some of the common exercises users can perform with Yogeasy™ are planks, pushups, downward facing dog, handstands, and back stretches.

The Yogeasy™ has two surfaces in the shape of hands that are cushioned to reduce pain and discomfort in the hands, wrist, and back when performing these exercises, but the material is also firm enough to ensure the user has a solid surface to use. The textured surface on the top provides extra grip and minimal sliding for the hands with a minimalistic pattern that does not cause discomfort while reducing the sliding. The textured surface on the bottom has a linear pattern making it easy to use on carpet, hardwood floors, concrete, grass, or nearly any other surface with no slipping or sliding of the product itself. With the small size of the products compared to the typical yoga mat, it makes it easy to bring and use anywhere such as small spaces, on the beach, apartments, cruise ship cabins, parks, hotel room, and fit in a user’s carry-on luggage. All of this together provides a safer, better workout for the user.

Materials needed to produce the Yogeasy™:

  • High Quality Dense Polyurethane Foam
  • Tools to shape it into 3 sizes: 7 in, 7.5 in, and 8.5 in




The Yogeasy™ is covered by United States Utility Patents: 9,555,275 & 9,814,926



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