E-Roof Curb™


The E-Roof Curb™ is a green construction product that enables the quick and integral construction of a temporary safety rail system, a concealed gutter system and a cantilevered curb. It contains a composite beam and is covered by a sheet metal cap. The E-Roof Curb™ saves time and money for all construction projects, and provides environmentally sensitive building products for the construction industry.



Special Features

  • Reduces thermal transfer
  • R-4 per inch of wall thickness
  • Polystyrene guarantees complete cavity fill
  • Saves energy
  • Constructed and assembled from recycled foam and steel
  • VOC compliant
  • Eliminates waste
  • Lightweight and pre-filled
  • Saves installation time
  • Component is easily substituted for conventional steel bundling
  • Certified AISC S911-08 strength tested
  • Helps transfer seismic and wind loads
  • Pre-insulated components provide superior strength
  • Reduces sound transfer
  • Dramatic labor-saving methods
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • No wood rot issues
  • Eliminates need for on-site weather protection
  • Inhibits bug nesting
  • Supports LEED certifications
  • Ideal for ATFP design projects




The E-Roof Curb™ consists of pre-insulated, light gauge steel framing components that can be used for all steel frame construction projects. The beams are filled with polystyrene foam, making them lightweight and easy to install at the edge of a roof or flat deck. They can be notched and cut in the field as needed, are extra strong, and can support a temporary safety rail system. Roofing, iron working or metal stud contractors can install the E-Roof Curb™, and no extra support is needed underneath metal decking when the E-Roof Curb™ is used on the top.

The E-Roof Curb™ is an environment-friendly, economical and versatile product that can be installed on metal buildings, wood decks and other projects where a roof curb is needed. This roof curb provides thermal resistance without the extra insulating steps, and is not subject to wood rot, mold or mildew. By using the E-Roof Curb™, time and money are saved on every construction project, making it a preferred choice for all builders and contractors.



Materials needed to produce the E-Roof Curb™:

  • Light gauge steel
    • Formed
    • Drilled
    • Notched
    • Recycled Material
  • Foam Insulation
    • High Density
    • Recycled Materials
  • Assorted Fastening agents


The E-Roof Curb™  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,016,016
















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