Garbage Remover Helper™



The Garbage Remover Helper™ is an easily-accessible trash bin that aids user in removing full trash bags. Multiple openings provide access from different locations on the bin. The removeable lid provides access from the top, the accordion-style bottom slides open, allowing trash removal with minimum resistance.

The overlapping lid helps control odor and the domed shape makes room for larger items. A lip is attached to the bottom part of the bin, and wheels on the bottom make it easy to move. This new trash bin lets users choose the best way for them to remove full trash bags. Convenient access from many points help a user empty the bin whenever needed.




Special features

  • Easy removal of full trash bag
  • Removable lid
  • Dome-shaped lid for large trash items
  • Overlapping lid edge for odor control
  • Accordion bottom panel opens for trash removal
  • Pivoting handles for balancing and moving bin
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Label holder and lifting ledge on lid front
  • Handle slot on the side
  • Trash bin can be moved and turned for easy trash removal
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Great product for people with limited mobility




The Garbage Remover Helper™ provides a lid section that can be totally unlatched from the bottom section, along with an overlap to avoid closing difficulties and to limit odor emanation. The lid has a lip for lifting the lid up for trash removal. A gable and arched top also provide for additional clearance for taller items. A label holder is provided for the lid front. The rear top overlap further protects against odor emanation, and latches assist in preventing animal invasion. A gable and arched top also provide for additional clearance for taller items.

The bin can be emptied in a standing position, or if the bin is lying on its side, access to the trash can be from the top or bottom openings. Wheels and pivoting handles are positioned to provide for balance while moving and emptying the bin. An accordion door with t-handle operation provides an access for emptying the bin from the bottom opening, and the removed lid makes it easy to pull the garbage bag from the top.

The Garbage Remover Helper™ is a new, improved garbage bin with multiple access points. Trash bag removal is easy an convenient, even for users with disabilities and limited movement issues. It will be produced in a small size for use inside a home, and a larger size for outdoor use (garage, patio, deck).




Materials needed to produce the Garbage Remover Helper™:

  • Bin (multiple sizes)
    • Top and bottom openings
    • L-shaped channel
    • Wheel recesses
  • Lid
    • Dome shaped
    • Overlapping edges
    • Label holder
    • Extension lip
  • Latches
  • Handles
  • Wheels
  • Accordion door



The Garbage Remover Helper™is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,975,696



























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