DiPiero Guard™



The DiPiero Guard™ is a small, sterile guard that holds a suture needle during medical procedures. Many common medical procedures involve closing tissue by the use of sutures.

In addition, the surgeon must take care that he or she does not accidentally injure himself, other medical personnel, or the patient, with a suture needle that has been used to suture tissue, and thereby increasing the risk of infections. The DiPiero Guard™ is a safe and convenient way to store the needle while not in use during a procedure.




Special features

  • Guard holds needle safely and securely
  • Avoids needle sticks to doctors, nurses and patient
  • Provides a safe place for needle when not in use
  • Keeps the needle sterile during a procedure
  • Keeps the needle close to working area
  • Accommodates a variety of needle types/sizes
  • Individually wrapped to remain sterile
  • All components contained in a sterile pouch
  • Inexpensive to produce and implement
  • Convenient and easy to use



The DiPiero Guard™ is a suture kit that contains a suture needle with a suture strand, a guard that the needle fits in, and a card stock base to which the plastic guard is attached. These items are contained in a sterile foil pouch that can be opened when needed and used for closing wounds. The DiPiero Guard™ will be sold in packages of five pouches.

A suture is a strand or fiber which holds previously opened tissue shut after the suture is driven through a patient’s tissue with a suture needle. While working on living tissue, the suture and suture needle must at all times remain sterile to minimize the risk of infection to the patient. The suture needle must be readily at hand for the surgeon’s use during the operation. Therefore, the suture needle must be placed on a convenient sterile surface during an operation so that it may be readily accessed by the surgeon, while maintaining the sterility of the operating area.

Doctors, surgeons, dentists and veterinarians will appreciate the convenience of having everything needed at hand. The secured needle guard will provide a sterile location for placing the needle when not in use, and everything can be safely disposed of when finished. Having the suture needle secured will help avoid needle sticks and other injuries to doctors, nurses and the patient. This will also reduce the risk of infections.

The DiPiero Guard™ can greatly minimize needle sticks by having a place to store the needle temporarily instead of passing it between doctors and nurses during a procedure. This convenient and economical product will benefit everyone in the medical field.



Materials needed to produce the DiPiero Guard™:

  • Suture needle with strand
  • Needle guard
    • Plastic Tubing
    • Curved shape
    • Open on one end
  • Fastener
  • Card stock
  • Sterile foil pouch


The DiPiero Guard™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,393,012















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